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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Coming to Union Station in Downtown LA

A new Ben & Jerry’s is coming soon to Downtown LA Union Station

Ice cream lovers rejoice. A new Ben & Jerry’s is coming soon to Union Station in Downtown LA adding to a mix of new businesses that have been opening inside the rail hub. Construction began on the ice cream shop in May 2012 inside the passenger concourse and will be wrapping up very soon. According to B & J’s Facebook page, it should be opening up “early summer.”

I’m excited about the opening of Ben & Jerry’s at Union Station not only because I love ice cream (and I know a lot of other people do as well), but also because it adds another eatery to a growing list of businesses that have only recently opened up inside Union Station. Prior to 2010, Union Station was sadly under served. Traxx restaurant and bar lounge were just about the only businesses inside the station. But within the last year and a half, they are joined by Famima, Starbucks, See’s Candies, Wetzel’s Pretzels, Subway, and now Ben & Jerry’s. I hope the list continues to grow. Would an Apple store like the one in Grand Central Terminal in New York be too much to ask for? :)

And with the announcement this week that Metro has chosen LA’s Gruen and London’s Grimshaw to both come up with the Union Station master plan, it is my hope that one day Union Station will not only be a transfer point, but become a destination itself.

Here’s a look at the other businesses inside Union Station.

The new Ben & Jerry’s is building out in the passenger concourse at Union Station

Ben & Jerry’s joins a list of other newish businesses that have opened up in Union Station recently, including the upscale Japanese convenience store Famima

As Los Angeles continues to develop a strong urban core and expand its rail network, ridership will continue to increase and Union Station will become a much more substantial part of an Angeleno’s daily life

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  1. sebastian says

    They should put some more, in the area, oh and an in ‘n’ out would be awesome.

    • Yes, I would LOVE to see an In-N-Out burger at Union Station AND at least another one somewhere else in Downtown LA! (Preferably near the Financial District)

      • tony says

        Yes, but we have our own burger places like D-town Burger which is a downtown original. We should get them to open at Union Station.

  2. sebastian says

    How about some bars, think LAX with all those restaurants and bars. people want to have a drink or two while they’re waiting for the amtrak.

  3. Alika says

    They do seem to be crowding lots of retail into this one small part of Union Station. Meanwhile, all the food service equipment and concentration of customers (and other factors of course) have made this un-A/Ced concourse toasty warm. Perhaps they need to do more to usher patrons into other, less utilized areas of Union Station. (I think a Rudy’s Barbershop would fit nicely in the old Union Bagel space.)

  4. Lawrence says

    @Alika – it would be great if they encouraged more patrons to take advantage of the outdoor gardens that wrap the station. They’re very nice and peaceful. They could use some more comfortable seating though that encourages people to linger and eat out there. Additional programming in those spaces could be good as well.

    One day hopefully they’ll find some use for the old ticketing lobby beyond a filming locale.

    • Alika says

      Indeed! Speaking of which, ice cream is delicious when eaten on a pleasant outdoor stroll. It would be awesome if Ben & Jerry’s had an order/pickup window facing outside as well as a counter facing inside.

      (And if Union Stn’s historic status poses a challenge, I believe the space currently functioning as a Metrolink counter has a small window facing outside. To me, it looks like it used to be a pass-though anyway.)

  5. Speaking of Union Bagel… I miss that place! It’s definitely a good retail spot there too.

  6. tony says

    they should reactivate the old Fred Harvey Restaurant with something. Also, the huge ticketing bay in front is sitting empty. I know they like to use that for filming but … REALLY … do they need to foresake all that space for filming when it can be used to create an even better experience for passengers and visitors to the station? That space could become a major food and retail destination like what they have in Grand Central Terminal in New York.

    I hate it when land owners shut down their real estate to development because of filming. This doesnt contribute to better quality of life for the community at large and prevents great spaces from seeing their full potential. I hope Metro changes this.

  7. Ken says

    Does anyone know why the old Fred Harvey Restaurant space continues to sit empty??
    (I know they occasionally still use it for filming purposes), but with all of the new retail being encouraged (and redeveloped) at Union Station, it seems like this space would be natural (and great place) to revive (using the same name and everything)…obliviously it would need some updating, but why not?…
    Does anyone know who owns it and/or what if any plans there might be for this space?

  8. Such good news — more food at Union Station, and what could be better for tempting us between trains than Ben & Jerry’s!

    We love, love Traxx restaurant. The food is fab., a foodie destination for us — but it is high end price-wise. We eat there when for a special date — and of course, for this Metro Duo Union Station is a Metro destination!

    It would be great to have another restaurant — not fast food — with a more moderate price range and family oriented menu. We see lots of families waiting for trains. Although, we hate to admit it but the Metro Gal is addicted to Wetzel’s Pretzels hot dogs! Love the idea of restaurants going into the old Fed Harvey space — but it is a bit off the beaten path so good signage would be necessary.

    By the way, we’ve seen the old ticket area being used for events — saw a wedding and a high school prom recently! So the space does get rented out for more than filming.

  9. Miller Paulson says

    If Union Station had, or ever has, the masses of people pouring through it the way they do at Grand Central Station on any given day, then I’m sure much of its space, including the one that once housed the Fred Harvey restaurant, would be, or will be, lucrative all over again. We’re moving in the direction of that possibly happening all over again, or similar to the time when the Pacific Electric rail cars carried huge numbers of people throughout southern California.

  10. Ruby’s is a perfect fit for the former Harvey Coffee Shop and bar. The local chain did a fabulous job with their Streamliner Diner and Lounge at the Orange Metrolink Station. I’m sure it would be a hit with travelers and Downtown residents alike.

    • Alika says

      Actually, I was thinking a *Rudy’s* Barbershop might do well in that space (as opposed to Ruby’s Diner), maybe even with an in-house shoe shine service, since unlike other major train stations, Union Station doesn’t seem to have one.

      My thinking is along the lines of, “tickets and cafes do not a transit hub make.” Don’t get me wrong; as Metro Duo noted above, a family-oriented casual dining eatery is sorely needed to fill the gap between fast food and Traxx. Perhaps a Granville Cafe (similar to those in Glendale and Burbank) for a slightly upscale vibe, or something more mainstream like IHOP Express to appeal to those travelers just off the train who seek a familiar name.

  11. Charles Brown says

    Please send me updates on your postings. Thanks.

  12. Jim Baker says

    Is there a Shoe shine Stand any where near LAUS?
    They are getting hard to find.

  13. I’m surprised they’re building a new store rather than take the Union Bagel spot. But I guess they’re trying to grab people coming from Metrolink to the Red Line.

    • Alika says

      Agreed. I really think they need to do more to usher folks out of the cramped tunnel and ticketing area and into the “meat” of Union Station.

  14. Linkin Tren says

    They should try and put some stuff on the other side of Union Station considering the bus terminal is there and they are planning on building a bus station for the Silver line on that side of Union Station. It is the newer part of Union Station and that’s where all the people line up to buy monthly passes.

  15. Leslie B says

    I am super excited for the Ben & Jerrys to open in LAUS. Perfect timing too…. It’s HOT outside. What a better way to cool down than with a sweet frozen treat from B&J. Congrats to the new owner. Wishing you much success <3

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