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What to Expect for Downtown LA City Target Based on New Westwood City Target

The new City Target sign went up recently in Westwood in preparation for a July 29, 2012 opening

Los Angeles, so far, will have the most City Targets of any city in the country with three confirmed locations: Downtown LA, Westwood, and Beverly Connection by the Beverly Center. The most exciting one to me (obviously!) is the Downtown LA location still under construction at FIGat7th, which will be a tremendous boost to the nascent retail scene developing in LA’s urban core.

Last week, I stopped by the Westwood location to see how the City Target store was progressing. The Westwood location (near the UCLA campus) will actually open on July 29th, which is before the Downtown LA location is set to open this fall. And since there are currently zero City Target stores open anywhere in the country, the Westwood store gives us a glimpse at what the Downtown LA store will possibly look and feel like.

Both the Westwood and Downtown LA City Target stores are very similar in size at approximately 100,000 square feet, so looking through the front window of the Westwood store is probably what the Downtown LA store will look like as well. Aesthetically speaking, the design of the City Target inside didn’t seem to have any differentiation from the regular suburban stores, which was a bit disappointing. Granted, there is still some finishing work that needs to be done at the Westwood location, so we’ll see if there are any differences when it opens.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt the City Target in Downtown LA will attract huge crowds (residents, office workers, visitors, etc.) that I hope will make it one of the highest performing stores. If sales are good, it will continue to prove to other retailers that they have to open in Downtown LA.

Countdown to City Target Downtown LA opening: ~4 months

Looking through the front window of City Target in Westwood gives us an idea what to expect for the one opening in Downtown LA

City Target in Westwood replaces the former Home Depot Expo space near UCLA campus

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  1. Thanks to Torr Leonard for this find regarding City Target:

    “To appeal specifically to urban customers, the Chicago store was completely reorganized. At a typical Target, women’s apparel is at the entrance. In Chicago, shoppers instead will find a line of Champion athletic clothes, which Griffith considers a better fit for business travelers who forgot to pack shorts for the hotel gym. Paper towels come in packs of four instead of 24, and lawn furniture will make way for air mattresses aimed at apartment dwellers with out-of-town guests.

    After years of using stylized TV commercials and low prices to lure shoppers to nondescript boxes adorned with the famous bull’s-eye logo, Target will now have to become practiced in the art of window displays. With the new City locations, the trick will be defining what Target means in an undefined space. “If we get too department store-y, we are going to send a message that you can’t get that great value,” says Griffith. “And we don’t want to do that.” So while the windows will feature mannequins—another Target first—the decorations will be minimal so as not to block the view into the store. It’s vital that passersby see that “this is a Target store, and a really cool Target store,”

    Target will raise some prices to offset higher commercial rents. The City stores will also feature a fresh foods section with produce and prepared meals, a bid to get shoppers to visit more frequently. Yet more foot traffic means high-volume items such as toilet paper will sell out faster, and replenishing shelves hasn’t been a Target competency, says Nicholas. Its “strength is in marketing, and its weak spot has always been operations.”

  2. I’m so excited. I can’t wait for City Target DTLA! Thanks for all the awesome reporting on the progress, Brigham!

  3. Great to see Target coming to LA. Thanks for the info on the store and breakdown.

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