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Now Open: Towne Food & Drink Brings New American Cuisine to South Park in Downtown LA

A classic touch: the pastry take-away boxes shaped like hat boxes

It was exactly a year ago when we first discovered that Towne Food & Drink was coming to South Park in Downtown LA (along with the revealing renderings of a beautiful restaurant interior in the works by designer Mark Zeff). Now a year later, construction has finished and the restaurant soft-opened for dinner last night attracting many downtowners who have been waiting eagerly for Towne to finally open. For those who are familiar with Mi Piace in Pasadena, the same owner, Armen Shirvanian, brings Towne to Downtown LA.

Towne Food & Drink serves up New American cuisine along with a diverse selection of American desserts including a new take on the classic Twinkie in multiple flavors. Headed by two chefs, Eric Hara and Ryan Morrison, the menu is a full range of innovative culinary dishes with entrees including wood-grilled prime dry aged meats, such as Crispy Pork Shank with sweet and sour cabbage; and Beef Cheek Pot Roast with mini popovers; as well as whole-roasted fishes and composed dishes like Skate Milanese with cauliflower, wilted spinach, and hazelnuts. Another stand out item is the Bone Marrow Matzo Ball Soup with shitakes and beef consommé.

The first thing anyone notices when they enter Towne is the beautiful space inside. Designed by New York architect Mark Zeff, “he partitioned the 7,000 square-foot space into several intimate areas giving each room its own distinct feel. From the open-air terrace to the main dining room and coffee bar, each part of Towne encourages patrons to experience the full range of dining atmospheres.”

It is very exciting to see Towne now open at the corner of 9th and Flower in a part of South Park that is truly becoming a bona fide urban neighborhood. There is definitely an energy that one feels standing at this intersection that was not there before. An area once devoid of life is now active with pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. Towne is a substantial addition to this growing nabe that will continue to help activate this intersection along with the new Starbucks across the street that just opened up a few weeks ago.

Towne Food & Drink is now open daily for dinner, lunch to begin on Monday, and breakfast service to follow in the near future.

A view looking toward the front entrance of the restaurant

The dining area near the front entrance next to the lounge area seen in the back

A dramatic view of the restaurant’s cavernous yet surprisingly relaxing ambiance

The use of sheer drapery softens the space and provides a sense of privacy yet connection with the city outside

The cavernous restaurant space is partitioned to provide a sense of intimacy within each section

The bar area is long and dramatic illuminating the vast selection of libations

The lounge area next to the bar allows for a more relaxed dining experience

A coffee bar and dessert section greets diners at the front entrance

Towne brings back the quintessential American Twinkie

A happy couple leaves the restaurant after their dinner

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  1. looks fantastic in every way. the deserts are interesting too

  2. Jerell says

    LOVELY!!! =D I think i’m gonna take my mom here for her birthday ^.^

  3. Looks amazing! I’m happy I stumbled upon your blog…I’ll be moving to DTLA in less than a month so I’ll definitely check out some of the places you reviewed.

  4. sebastian says

    This is nice Brigam, but all I see is them opening restaurant after restaurant, and nothing else. If they want South Park to be a full functioning neighborhood, they need to put other things, like a game stop, fastfood restaurant, lens crafters, home goods, pet clinic, things that people need as well, I’m sure there’s a lot of pets in that area, or gamers, or people that need to buy glasses, or home good supplies.

    • James says

      Lol! First time I’ve ever seen anyone claim people need game stop and fast food. You may be better suited in a town like Bakersfield.

  5. Stan says

    I was there Tuesday night. It is a beautiful restaurant and the staff couldn’t have been more professional or competent. I love the “experience” but would appreciate more choices for those of us who don’t eat meat. And please don’t tell me to just order a salad.
    Towne responded that they have it in the works!
    I love that there is this beautiful restaurant across the street from me.

  6. I went on Wednesday night. Most of the food was excellent, and those things we didn’t get to try sounded so good that I can’t wait to go back. The service definitely still has some kinks to work out. It took forever to get drinks, and a few times our waiter seemed flustered and unavailable. But overall it is definitely worth a visit! I broke down all of the dishes and drinks we ordered here ( and I did a comparison of their macarons with Bottega Louie’s here (

  7. Ashley says

    @sebastian: That’s what Target will be for! Small shops like that will have a tough time affording the rents in DTLA and Amazon and Target would put them out of business soon. I am all in favor of more entertainment options though, more experience based places.

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