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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Now Open at Union Station in Downtown LA

Transit riders going through Union Station lined up yesterday for the grand opening of Ben & Jerry’s (Photo: Ben & Jerry’s)

Last month, we found out that Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream was opening soon inside Union Station within the passenger concourse area. It was exciting news for those of us (urban transit geeks) who want to see Union Station open up more businesses, becoming more of a destination itself rather than just a transfer point. Many cities around the world have shopping and dining inside their major rail stations (you can see some examples here).

Yesterday was the grand opening for Ben & Jerry’s at Union Station. The new ice cream shop became an immediate hit as arriving and departing passengers got in line for a taste of their famous funky flavors. The opening of Ben & Jerry’s adds to a growing list of businesses opening at Union Station that I hope continues transforming Union Station to a place that someone can take the train to for shopping and dining.

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  1. Manny Gutierrez says

    I’m always glad to see the Union Station become more attractive for eats and treats. It’s good for commuters.

    At the same time I am amused that at one time we had 4 restrooms by the ticketing stations and now we are down to 2. One for the ladies and one for the gents. The conditions of the mens rest room leaves much to be desired. How about putting in a bit of improvement in this area here as well. Two rest rooms where we used to have four, with more people needing to use them. Where’s the logic here ?

    What’s needed here is a security guard to make sure that the facility is used properly and that everyone keeps moving on. At times it’s really a cleanup station and rest area for some, making it difficult for those of us who merely want to clean up and get going.


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