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Mendocino Farms Joins FIGat7th Dining Roster in Downtown LA

The construction wall that surrounds FIGat7th was updated with new logos early last week with the announcement of Mendocino Farms coming to the dining court

With only a few more months of construction left before the newly remodeled FIGat7th opens, Mendocino Farms joins an exciting list of new restaurants set to open in the dining court (aptly named “Taste”) that will be located on the lowest level in the newly updated shopping center.

According to Downtown News, Mendocino Farms will be opening shortly after the debut of the newly remodeled FIGat7th, which is set to take place on October 14, 2012 with the grand opening of the much anticipated City Target. (The City Target in Westwood opened just last week.) With already two other locations downtown (one at California Plaza and the other one in the Citigroup Center), this will be Mendocino Farms’ third and largest flagship location downtown at 3,000 square feet. Business hours will also be increased from 11AM to 9PM and open seven days a week for lunch and dinner (my guess is it will stay open even later if there is enough demand in the future).

Mendocino Farms joins a half dozen other restaurants (announced in March 2012) including: Juicy Lucy, Loteria Grill, LAMILL Coffee, Oleego, Saffron, and Choppe Choppe.

City Target, Sport Chalet, and Loteria Grill

CPK, Gold’s Gym, Morton’s Steakhouse, Starbucks, Yolanda Aguilar Spa

The remodel work continues at FIGat7th with plans to open by October 14, 2012

New silver metallic panels wrap the venting pylons

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  1. Lawrence says

    I’m pretty impressed with the roster of eateries coming to Fig@7th and I love Mendocino Farms. I’m glad to hear that this will be their flagship location and will be open later (9pm I think). Looking forward to some retail announcements. Obviously Target is the main event, but other quality retail options would be very welcome.

  2. Albert says

    When is Mendocino Farms set to open? February 2013 is almost upon us and their doors remain shut. Change of heart?

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