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Downtown LA Marriott Hotel Says Goodbye: Conversion to Hyatt Regency Next

The old Marriott hotel sign has been covered by a sign for a temporary hotel brand called “The L.A. Hotel Downtown,” which sources say may become a Hyatt Regency

On August 4, 2012, the Marriott Hotel in Downtown LA ceased to operate under that hotel brand. Since then, the old Marriott hotel signs have all been taken down and replaced by a temporary name called “The L.A. Hotel Downtown.” A source close to the hotel who wishes to remain anonymous explained to me that the ownership (the Chinese Shenzhen New World Group Co) has been updating the rooms to a “higher standard” even as the hotel operated under the Marriott brand.

The 14-story hotel, built in 1983 as the Sheraton Grande, was purchased out of foreclosure in 2010 by the Chinese company at a steep discount according to an LA Times article. The new Chinese owners “vowed to improve the aging hotel, which caters to business travelers.”

All 469 rooms will be updated to a modern design standard that will allow the hotel to compete with other hotels in Downtown LA, especially as the competition starts to heat up as more hotels are renovated and built near the Staples Center/Convention Center, including the new 23-story Marriott Residence Inn and Courtyard. Apparently, floors 12 through 14 are almost completed in their upgrades to the new standard.

In addition to the hotel guest rooms, the lobby and common areas as well as the ballroom, which are currently dated in appearance, will also be remodeled to be consistent with the new design theme throughout the entire hotel. The whole process may take at least another 6 months to complete.

Although it has not been established yet, the owners of the hotel are in the process of converting their property into a Hyatt Regency brand, which according to Wikipedia, “are aimed at convention and business travelers as well as leisure travelers and are located in urban, suburban, airport, convention and resort destinations around the world.”

If that is the case, it would be the return of Hyatt Regency back into Downtown LA as Hyatt Regency used to operate at Macy’s Plaza in the Financial District before it was converted to the now-present Sheraton back in 2006.

The renderings below show us what we can expect for the new potential Hyatt Regency in Downtown LA.

A rendering of an updated and remodeled hotel room in the possible new Hyatt Regency

A rendering of a remodeled hotel suite

A rendering of the hotel front desk and new concierge area

A rendering of the remodeled hotel bar near the lobby

What the hotel looks like today

The escalators that lead up to the conference rooms on the second floor

The dated lobby area with hotel restaurants in the background

The pool area outside

A view of the hotel from Figueroa Street

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  1. Art Castro says

    Rooms look great. However, with all the “modernist” ideas of the era, the area on Fig. north of 5th street is the most pedestrian unfriendly area in all of the FiDi; I would love to see this building, the W.T.C bulldozed and replaced with new, pedestrian oriented development (The Bonaventure and Union Bank podiums would need a lot of work , and the skybridges would need to go too!). Just my dream…I feel with the current development, the Fig. corridor, with all its potential, abruptly ends at 5th and Fig.

  2. LAofAnaheim says

    Good luck trying to make a change to north of 5th/Fig! The Bonaventure Hotel is screaming their going to lose 50% of business once 2 of those 6 lane highways close down for the Regional Connector construction. Cars don’t bring in business…people do! 6 lanes is beyond ridiciulous in a downtown urban setting. Until the street space becomes reduced (i.e. bike lanes, bus only lanes, street parking), then it’s just a car thoroughfare.

  3. Earle Miller says

    Yes, but will they bring back the movie theaters??

  4. There is nothing planned for the movie theaters right now unfortunately. I agree that we need to get the Laemmle chain back downtown!

    • brudy says

      That would be awesome, downtown needs an indie/foreign film theater. While I like the Downtown Independent and go there when they have something I want to see, they just don’t show enough new films. And LA Live just shows mainstream (mostly) garbage.

    • Alika says

      I’d prefer to see an iPic theater complex in that space. The smallish cinemas are a perfect match for the dine-in-your-seat moviegoing experience. Here’s hoping!

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