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Spring for Coffee Installs New Stylish Patio Seating in Downtown LA

Spring for Coffee, near 6th and Spring, installed this new outdoor seating area contributing to an activated sidewalk along Spring Street

The Historic Core in Downtown LA, comprising the largest concentration of grand historic structures in all of Southern California, has organically evolved into one of the most vibrant and interesting urban neighborhoods on the left coast. Spring Street, in particular, is now lined with restaurants, bars, and cafes from 3rd to 9th Street with many of these eateries creating outdoor seating for their customers, which has dramatically added life to the street. One of those eateries, Spring for Coffee (near 6th and Spring), recently added their own outdoor seating with a compelling modern design.

Most people who frequent Spring for Coffee know that the space is small and there was limited seating outside to enjoy that cup of jo. However, this summer the popular cafe, serving Handsome and Stumptown, installed a modern stylish patio seating area just outside its front door that can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably. The seating area is delineated by black metal fencing with crisscrossing lines resembling diamond shapes. Two large yellow umbrellas accentuate the new setup. On a recent afternoon, I saw most of the seats taken by customers enjoying a very warm afternoon.

The outdoor seating, designed by Patrick Shields, helps activate the sidewalk and provides pedestrians a place to stop and enjoy the city. With Spring Street Park and two parklets coming soon to Spring Street as well, the neighborhood will continue to mature and evolve into the dynamic urban streetscape that is redefining Los Angeles, post-suburbia.

A view of the outdoor seating from inside Spring for Coffee

Black metal diamond shapes comprise the new modern design of Spring for Coffee’s new outdoor seating area

Plenty of Spring for Coffee customers have embraced the new seating area as they enjoy their cup of jo

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  1. Andrew says

    Great move by the folks at Spring for Coffee!

    Funny how a little street furniture can add a little color and breathe new life to a lifeless, concrete sidewalk. Besides being visually pleasant to look at from an aesthetics point of view, people naturally gravitate towards places/businesses that are activated by the presence of other human beings. I’m surprised more businesses don’t do this in DTLA.

  2. Dino Dinco says

    The sad rub is that brainless dog owners (and there are many downtown) will let their dogs urinate on structures like this and at / near the front doors of cafe — where people sit and eat and drink. We see it happen daily — and it’s the duty of everyone to be vocal about shaming those who do. It’s disgusting and works against the whole concept of outdoor seating.

    Spring for Coffee remains some of the best coffee downtown and should be supported. They were actually the first good coffee on Spring between 6th and 7th which now has 3 independent cafes — CoffeBar and Tierra Mia Cafe. It’s unfortunate that the local gov’t didn’t say no to multi-natiional, generic Starbucks who are about to move in at the same intersection.

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