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Movie in Downtown LA Grand Park Presented by Streetcar: The Goonies

In honor of Streetcar and the upcoming vote in November, we hope you’ll join us for a fun family picnic & movie night at the newly unveiled Grand Park – which just so happens to be one of the many Downtown destinations that’ll be accessible from the proposed Streetcar route.

Whether you bring the kids, a few friends, or a hot date, settle in for an evening of popcorn, pumpkin painting, and food trucks because there’s nothing like a little 80’s nostalgia (The Goonies) under the stars to kick start All-Hallow’s-Eve (don’t forget a blanket!). You can also ‘Snap Yourself’ at an interactive photo booth, score some Streetcar swag, and get an opportunity to register to vote so you’ll receive the special mail-only Streetcar ballot next month.

Saturday, October 20
5:30pm — Picnics and Activities
Dusk — Movie!

Grand Park — Spring St. Entrance

RSVP here!

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  1. The streetcar is such a bad idea and poorly planned. Downtown needs to improve the existing DASH system and extend the hours, not build a little donut trolly that doesn’t go anywhere.

    Go watch the free movie in the park but seriously, vote NO on the project.

    • JG, you’re an idiot. Your 1950-80s LA mentality is exactly why we’re in this crap traffic and sprawl situation now and the laughing stock of other major cities worldwide. One of LA’s major downfalls (from a great city post 1950s) was taking out all the Pacific Electric cars and other rail cars and adding buses. Now we are trying to reverse the damage of nearly 50 years done to LA and you are stuck in suburbia. Buses suck. They belong in Orange County, not in LA. Move to Irvine… seriously.

  2. John G says

    DISAGREE with JG

    The streetcar will add value to downtown LA, not more buses.

  3. JG is flat out wrong. Having gone to several of the streetcar presentations and meetings, I can say that the route was planned out quite well. It goes as close as possible to major destinations downtown, and is laid out in a way that sets us up for growth of the system in the future.

    Also, just improving Dash service is not going to bring the economic development that the streetcar will bring. All that great development in Portland didn’t take place along circulator bus routes- it occurred along the streetcar route. Streetcar tracks demonstrate a permanent investment in transportation infrastructure, spurring development. Bus routes can be rerouted when budgets get tight. This isn’t conjecture, just look at other cities that have made similar investments in streetcar systems.

    • Lawrence says

      Couldn’t have said it better! The streetcar adds an additional mobility option to the area and is a huge economic development generator. The DASH system has it’s place in the transportation picture, but the notion that it is somehow equal to a streetcar is faulty at best. All you have to do is look at all of the economic development LADOT has generated with the DASH system and compare. Oh wait the DASH hasn’t generated any development – never mind. Meanwhile the Streetcar in Portland has generated over $1 billion in economic development and has led to the creation of entire neighborhoods (Pearl District anyone?). JG is flat out wrong on this one. If you truly want to see a Donut Trolley in action though, head over to Caruso land (also known as the Grove) and take a ride. It will conveniently transport you from one side of the mall to the other.

  4. archie says

    Streetcars have charm. Buses do not. Downtown needs charm. People also think it’s fun to ride streetcars as opposed to buses.

    • Jerell says

      EXACTLY!… just like the charming streetcars of San Francisco… people enjoy riding the streetcars and cable cars than the buses… and its more iconic.

  5. I don’t know if JG is right or wrong, but I think there are a lot of streetcar skeptics out there (myself included) who would appreciate some critical analysis of this proposal.

    But the only voice one ever seems to hear on this topic is the Streetcar advocates themselves. Does anyone know of any other groups who have vetted the proposal and considered the costs and benefits?

    I have an open mind, but I really think it’s important that the community hear from some dissenting voices before committing to such an expensive project.

  6. Lawrence says

    Ed – I would encourage you familiarize yourself with what cities like Portland have been able to do as a result of their streetcar systems. The planning and success of these streetcar systems isn’t a huge mystery – much of the information is readily available if you look for it. I would encourage you to watch e2 – its a great documentary series from PBS that has an episode specifically about Portland’s streetcar and how it benefited its downtown. You can watch a trailer here:

    Also as far as cost is concerned, Streetcars are one of the cheapest forms of fixed rail transit to build. Because they don’t require deep digging, they can be constructed relatively quickly and are easily expanded. A streetcar provide a sense of permanence in a community that buses simply don’t. L.A learned this the hard way when it ripped out its streetcar system and constructed the freeway network, dividing communities in the process.

  7. Shannon says

    Anyone who advocates more busses in downtown has never been standing on the sidewalk, as an idling bus belched hot nasty exhaust clouds at face level.

  8. Andrew W. says

    I’m voting YES for the Streetcar!

    People like JG are extremely myopic, hence are incapable of seeing the bigger picture — an investment in a streetcar system demonstrates an investment in OUR future; it will help expedite DTLA’s return to prominence as the regional hub and will more than likely pay us back tenfold, in terms of the economic development/projects/jobs it will spawn along its route.

    The Dash buses definitely serve their purposes, but like others have mentioned bus routes are not permanent and fixed. In a city as GINORMOUS as Los Angeles, one of the biggest complaints by tourists/visitors is how big and sprawling the city is (which is quite unnerving even for a native like myself to navigate around), but a fixed route streetcar system in DTLA will make the city feel smaller or more personable/human scale (both psychologically and viscerally), rather than the giant, nebulous concrete jungle it often seems, when viewed through the solitude of our metal boxes (automobiles).

    Los Angeles — a city often disparaged for having a dearth of public spaces and lacking a true center, will finally find its soul.

  9. brudy says

    I’m also voting yes on the streetcar, for the reasons Chris, Lawrence and Andrew said. This will be yet another game changer for downtown, creating a nice transit ecosystem for our large neighborhood. Do I wish the system was larger (I’d love a cross town version)? Yes. But this is a great start.

  10. Matthew says

    I can’t wait until the federal government just recognizes streetcars once again as an integral part of a mass transit system. That way, we won’t have to put projects like this up to a vote and have the ridiculously misinformed serving as default transportation planners.

  11. melchior says

    I’m still concerned about the usefulness of the large one-way loop of the route though…

  12. Can you imagine if we had a streetcar connect all over Downtown, Hollywood Red Line to West Hollywood, sunset to sm blvd and a streetcar from the Gold line throughout Pasadena including the Huntington? Minimal investment, maximum increase in ridership!

  13. Violet says

    To pay to build these street cars, property tax is going to be raised for the buildings near the street cars. Rent is already sky high in downtown, I really don’t want to see my rent go up and can’t afford to live downtown. Personally, I walk everywhere downtown. I’ll walk from Broadway and 4th all the way to LA Live or Target. How lazy can people be? You live in the urban downtown, walk. I think the city should invest in building more bike lanes instead of these street cars.

  14. archie says

    Vital urban downtowns have a variety of transportation for EVERYONE. It’s great that some can walk everywhere. Lazy? Unfortunately, young children, people with disabilties, parents with infants, old people with health problems , shoppers carrying groceries or supplies from Target cannot all walk everywhere downtown.

  15. You have a free hour to walk the distance from LA Live to Civic Center Violet? You must not have a job then…how lazy are you? :P

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