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ABeautifulLife Cupcake Shop Coming Soon to 2nd/Spring in Downtown LA

A new pastry cupcake shop called “abeautifullife” is coming to 2nd and Spring near the LA Times, LAPD HQ, and Higgins building

Downtown resident and gallery owner Clark Woodford spots a new cupcake pastry shop called “abeautifullife” coming soon to 2nd/Spring near the Higgins condo building and the LAPD headquarters and dog park. The diminutive space facing Spring Street recently put up a “Coming Soon” sign in the window announcing their arrival into Downtown LA.

According their website, abeautifullife was started in 2011 by a mom and daughter team, Barbara and Aja Dawson. Although they’ve been doing business for over a year delivering to homes, schools and work, this will be their first brick and mortar location. An example of their menu includes: Chicken & Waffle cupcakes, Red Wine brownies, and Red Velvet cake pops. The Dawsons’ “untraditional approach to flavors and design transforms simple dessert into decadent, beautiful edible art.”

An opening late this year or early next year is likely.

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  1. MarkB says

    That location isn’t very pedestrian intensive. I wish them well, but…

    • brudy says

      It is a bit of an odd location, but it’s close to a fair amount of residential on spring and main. People just need to go north, not south on Spring.

  2. Clark says

    All those people walking their dogs from 5th/6th/7th and Spring down to LAPD Headquarters and Grand Park can stop in for a treat. Hopefully this side of 4th will start to pick up speed. There’s several open spaces in this building that could be utilized for some destinations.
    Now if we could just get LA Times & Joe’s Garage to tear down those awful iron fences in front of their landscaping that protect nothing.

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