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Spicy Crab Shack Now Open in Little Tokyo Weller Court in Downtown LA

Spicy Crab Shack is now open on the third floor of Weller Court in Little Tokyo (right next to Orochon Ramen)

Spicy Crab Shack is now open on the third floor of Weller Court in Little Tokyo (right next to Orochon Ramen)

A new seafood spot called Spicy Crab Shack is now open at the Weller Court in Little Tokyo near 2nd and San Pedro. The owner, Kayline Lee, explains that her concept is similar to restaurants like The Boiling Crab where diners order seafood and get a real “hands on” experience (their motto is “Let’s Get Your Hand Saucy!”) while chowing down on “the freshest seafood,” which includes at the Spicy Crab Shack, fresh premium jumbo shrimp, live Dungeness crab, lobsters, and crawfish.

Spicy Crab Shack is located on the third floor of the Weller Court next to the very popular Orochon Ramen, known for their “spicy challenge” where you get your picture taken and posted on the “Wall of Bravery” if you can survive the Spicy #2 Ramen Bowl.

In addition to seafood, Lee emphasizes that their version of “hands on seafood” is “much healthier” since they do not add MSG and other additives. And their fries are freshly cut in-house (akin to In-N-Out Burger). Lee tells me that the close proximity to Orochon Ramen has definitely helped with exposure of Spicy Crab Shack and that they have done “really well” since opening.

For full menu and info, check out Spicy Crab Shack’s website.

"Let's Get Your Hand Saucy" menu located outside the restaurant

“Let’s Get Your Hand Saucy” menu includes shrimp, clam, oyster, lobster, and crab

Blue crab

Blue crab



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    If eating at every new spot is going to delay the NEWS, the answer is No

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