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Two New Eateries Heading to 1111 Wilshire in Downtown LA: Plan Check Kitchen + Bar and Souk Shawarma

Two new eateries are coming to the 1111 Wilshire building in City West: Plan Check and Souk Shawarma (Photo: Holland Partners)

Two new eateries are coming to the 1111 Wilshire building in City West: Plan Check and Souk Shawarma (Photo: Holland Partners)

Earlier this month, we talked about the need for making the 110 freeway overpasses connecting City West with the rest of Downtown LA more attractive and pleasant for pedestrians to cross, encouraging more residents to walk instead of drive, which is part of the whole point of living in an urban downtown setting. Now there will be another reason for even those who live in “downtown proper” to walk across to City West. Two new eateries have signed on at the new 1111 Wilshire mixed-use apartment building, including Plan Check Kitchen + Bar and Souk Shawarma, both from the Westside.

At 3,800 square feet, Plan Check will take the space closest to the corner at Wilshire and Bixel right across the street from the 1100 Wilshire condo tower. Currently, the Westside gastropub is located near Santa Monica Blvd and Sawtelle next to the Los Angeles Building and Safety Department where “hundreds of architects, developers, designers, and engineers flock daily to get plans reviewed for permitting.” This is where the restaurant, Plan Check, gets its name from. Their menu consists of modern American comfort food served in tapas style along with “unique cocktails, premium whiskeys, and craft beer.”

The other restaurant space along Wilshire and adjacent to Plan Check will be Souk Shawarma at about 1,200 SF, which initially started in Beverly Hills and specializes in spit cooked meat sandwiches. In addition, Souk Shawarma will open a small dessert shop next to their own restaurant called Sweet Cream.

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is currently in the process of applying for a CUP that will allow for alcohol to be served. The building is also applying for a permit to allow for outdoor seating along the sidewalk (currently for Plan Check), helping to activate the street with more energy and encouraging pedestrian activity along Wilshire. Both restaurants are expected to open later this year.

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  1. Nothing unique about those 2 restaurants, but it’s great something is going in there. There are already a ton of those burger places and about 50 Shawarma places that deliver to this area.

  2. Lawrence says

    I think both are great additions to the area. For me It’s not really a matter of having unique businesses in here, but rather it’s about activating this desolate stretch of Wilshire. City West has a lot of residents, but you would never really know it based on the commercial development in the area. Having two sit down restaurants will inject much needed life into a neighborhood in desperate need of additional gathering spots.

  3. Well the best thing is that they have a bar and looks like a place people would actually sit down and have a few drinks. The shawarma place I couldn’t find any info on it. Hopefully both will be open late

  4. brudy says

    These are the kind of everyday places downtown needs, as long as they are open late. Not everything needs to be a pricey destination resto.

    • Lawrence says

      Agreed! Good food at approachable prices and late/weekend hours is what Downtown needs more of.

  5. Plan Check on Sawtelle is a good place, they do cover mostly burgers but they have unique menu items and deserts and I like there attention to detail on the design aesthetics. Ill take them over any chain place anytime. Welcome!!

  6. raymond3000 says

    Wow nice nighttime photo! Love the exterior lighting.

  7. Marc says

    As a resident across the street from this building, these new restaurants may not seem much, but it means a big deal for us who live in “city west.” For nicer restaurants we have to walk the Wilshire or 7th street bridge to get to the other side of Downtown. That can be a pain sometimes. I’m curious to see whether residents from…um, say Pegasus, would cross the bridge and come to this side of town.

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