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New Downtown LA Smart & Final Extra Grocery Store Opening in July 2013

The "Extra concept" from Smart & Final, opening summer 2013, will be a full-scale grocery market added to the Downtown LA community

The “Extra concept” from Smart & Final, opening summer 2013, will be a full-scale grocery market added to the Downtown LA community

The downtown community has been clamoring for more grocery stores for obvious reasons. It’s difficult to live somewhere comfortably without having convenient access to a lot of grocery options. We all love our Ralphs Fresh Fare, Woori Market, and even City Target, but in the case of grocery options, the more the merrier. Competition creates an advantage for consumers who are able to price and quality shop. So it is very exciting to me that another truly full-scale grocery store will be opening in a few months that will help make downtown an even more attractive place to live. Smart & Final Extra will be opening a brand new 25,000 square foot market in the Financial District/South Park, not far from many residents and office workers in the area.

According to a construction supervisor who was on-site at the 845 S Figueroa location (also the future Los Angeles headquarters for the State Bar of California), the market is on schedule to open by the “first week” of July 2013 (basically, in about two months). Construction was still humming along and crews were wrapping up on the parking lot that will be landscaped with potted plants. Within the next couple of weeks, the construction equipment will be removed and Smart & Final will be able to complete store build-out and stock shelves with inventory before opening.

Smart & Final Extra obviously doesn’t have the hype of Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, but for the interim until those two brands come downtown (and Whole Foods may be here a lot sooner than you think!), I consider S&F a solid addition to the downtown community. Most people associate S&F with “bulk items” (sorta like a mini Costco), but when I checked out their “Extra concept” in Montebello, I realized it was pretty much just like a regular grocery store with fresh produce and packaged meats along with some bulk items that I think perhaps some downtowners might even like, especially since there will also be a parking lot (albeit a bit suburban-ish) for those who choose to drive and load larger grocery purchases. Ultimately, I think having more grocery options in Downtown LA will benefit us all and make it even more attractive to live here.

For more info, check out Smart & Final online.

A closer view of the main Smart & Final Extra entrance

A closer view of the main Smart & Final Extra entrance

Smart & Final Extra will have an entrance on Figueroa as well for convenient pedestrian access

Smart & Final Extra will have an entrance on Figueroa as well for convenient pedestrian access

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  1. DowntownResident says

    Their layout is very, very, sad. Completely suburban type of store, with the Fig side being pretty much blank & desolate..

  2. dtla says

    I wish the Fig side is a wall of glass….or they at least put tables and chairs over there.

  3. robertissimus says

    I hope their entrance on Fig is not as desolate as the other readers here are saying here. Why does this store think it’s going to be successful downtown?

  4. i’m a native new yorker who’s lived at 6th and main since 2005, when we only had a couple of sad bodegas in walking distance — to which you didn’t want to walk. come on down, smart & final! you’re not trader joe’s, but i’ll give you a shot ’til joe deigns to join us.

  5. Well, I’m glad they’ll have an entrance on Fig. I think I recall their early renders had a blank wall facing Fig with the only entrance in the parking lot. But yeah, I’m a bit worried about whats going on here. So will it be a blank wall with the only visibility into the store being the door? That can’t be, can it?

  6. Lawrence says

    I think it’s a bit too early to judge the entrance on Fig. I get the impression that they’re building out a seating area or patio of some type on this side, but it’s hard to tell at this point. We’ll see as it continues to take shape. Overall though, another super market option is great for the area.

  7. Veronica says

    I say if there is a big blank wall add some art, kinda like what going on along side the standard hotel parking lot

    • Andrew W. says

      I agree! Add some art to those blank walls and all is forgiven. Anyway, a great addition to DTLA.

  8. Dr. Christopher Eaton says

    It totally beats what was there before, which was a building that had been derelict for many years! I believe that the store’s renderings on the street or maybe on showed a patio in front of the store.

  9. Glad to see them downtown. I’ve shopped S&F in other areas and find them convenient, well priced and name brand products. The original renderings show tables and umbrellas along Figueroa, and there seems to be plenty of space for that.

  10. Urban Cave says

    Some of the comments are way too premature….

    Anyhow, compared to many other S&F, this one is quite nice from the outside. Very excited to see them finally opening. Will definitely create some healthy competition!

  11. sebastian says

    I love it compared to what was there before. I believe they will have a bakery facing Fig with a patio on Fig, so lets wait and see.

    • Lawrence says

      Agreed Sebastian. This is way better than the eyesore that this building was before. Looking forward to it opening.

  12. sebastian says

    Besides if you look at the pictures carefully that is not the Figueroa side but the side entrance from the parking lot.

    • What are you saying? We know that one of the pictures is definitely of the parking lot entrance (from observation and it is clearly stated in the caption). The other picture looks like it is the fig side and is stated so in the caption.

  13. Horthos says

    Shut up about the entry way. Its modern architecture, of course it sucks mooseballs.

  14. Smart & Final is doing it right, they are a platinum sponsor for tonight’s Summer Soiree celebrating downtown businesses. Any super market moving to downtown should be greeted with open arms !

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