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Belgian Bakery Le Pain Quotidien Coming to PacMutual Building in Downtown LA

Le Pain Quotidien is opening next to Tender Greens, both slated to open later this year at the PacMutual Building at Pershing Square

Le Pain Quotidien is opening next to Tender Greens, both slated to open later this year at the PacMutual Building at Pershing Square

The PacMutual Building is in the midst of some very exciting changes that will contribute significantly to the Downtown LA renaissance, especially around Pershing Square where it needs it the most. Over the last year since being acquired by the very proactive and urban-minded Rising Realty Partners, this stretch of 6th Street has been on an exciting makeover journey that will eventually give the street the strong identity it has failed to gain over the last decade. First we found out that the very popular Tender Greens was coming and then the exciting announcement that a historic courtyard would be brought back and restored after being covered since WWII. Now, I am excited to announce that Le Pain Quotidien, the international bakery cafe originally from Belgium, has signed a lease taking over the former Happy Bowl space next to the future Tender Greens.

Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) started in Brussels, Belgium in 1990 by chef Alain Coumont. Over the last two decades, the bakery cafe selling organic breads, croissants, cakes, and other tasty pastry items has expanded into 18 countries including the US where the roster includes 7 states. On the West Coast, LPQ has remained exclusively in the Los Angeles market with 16 locations (none are in San Francisco or San Diego). The new Downtown LA location will be their 17th location.

The bakery cafe will be 2,100 square feet large with 600 square feet of outdoor patio dining space. Remember the historic courtyard being restored? When completed later this year, the courtyard will be shared by both LPQ and Tender Greens with two separate railings dividing the two restaurant patio seating areas (see illustration below). In addition, a new courtyard entrance into the PacMutual Building will be added.

Le Pain Quotidien will begin construction around September with plans to open by the end of the year.

An artist rendering of what the new courtyard will look like when the Verizon section is removed from the PacMutual Building along 6th Street (Photo: Rising Realty Partner)

The restored courtyard will have outdoor dining areas for LPQ on the left and Tender Greens on the right (Photo: Rising Realty Partners)

Le Pain Quotidien in Manhattan (Photo: Archinect)

Le Pain Quotidien in New York (Photo: Archinect)

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  1. raymond3000 says

    Why not also have a kiosk or take over that cafe bldg in Pershing square offering outdoor seating w free wifi…this could be an essential start to the new Pershing Square!

  2. brudy says

    This is great news! We definitely need a bakery towards this end of downtown. And work has already begun on the pacmutual building. They’ve relocated the Verizon store to a few spots down and were putting up more scaffolding this morning.

  3. sebastian says

    This is awesome, now only if we had some nice shopping stores like Banana Republic in that area.

  4. J says

    That courtyard is just BEGGING for a few trees

  5. Andrew W. says

    I loves it! With Tender Greens coming in as well, this will be a very nice shot in the arm for that area. Work is commencing on the historic courtyard, I believe? I see lots of scaffolding already up.

  6. J – there will be a 20′ live green wall at the end of the new courtyard, Trees were looked at but logistically tough, we understand your concern. On the Olive side, we are putting up a 60′ live green wall where the current Cafe Rosini is being pulled out for another eating area for a new restaurant coming there.

  7. JS says

    J’adore Le Pain!! A much needed addition to downtown – it’s about time. They sometimes make a vegan, gluten-free quinoa cranberry scone that is truly amazing!!

  8. Erin says

    Best. News. Ever. Downtown is only getting better from here on out!

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