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“Urban Outfitters Coming Soon” Sign Posted on Rialto Theatre in Downtown LA

A new sign announcing the arrival of Urban Outfitters is now up at the Rialto Theatre near 8th and Broadway

A new sign announcing the arrival of Urban Outfitters is now up at the Rialto Theatre near 8th and Broadway

It was almost exactly a year ago in Sept 2012 when we learned that Urban Outfitters was rumored to be eyeing the historic Rialto Theatre located near 8th and Broadway. Then, the exciting confirmation came in May of this year that Urban Outfitters was, indeed, taking over the entire 10,000 square foot former theater space. Recently, plywood boarding was installed in front of the Rialto signaling that construction would begin on the store sometime in the near future. And now a large blue sign announcing that Urban Outfitters will be “coming sooooon” is seen in front of the Rialto installed on the historic marquee, which will be restored and become part of the clothing shop’s own unique signage.

According to sources, Urban Outfitters will be aiming for a store opening toward the end of this year or early next year. One would assume they would prefer to open before the holidays to take advantage of the shopping wave momentum. However, I am sure much of it will depend on the condition of the Rialto Theatre structure itself, which has been badly neglected over the last several decades and will need a lot of work. But that’s exactly why it is so critically important to have such a deep-pocketed international company like Urban Outfitters decide to lease such a significant historic property, such as the Rialto, and invest the kind of money it takes to restore and maintain the building for many more generations to come.

Check out renderings of Urban Outfitters on Broadway with a restored Rialto Theatre marquee.

A closer view of the Urban Outfitters "coming soooooon" sign at the Rialto Theatre on Broadway

A closer view of the Urban Outfitters “coming soooooon” sign at the Rialto Theatre on Broadway

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  1. This is great news. It’s too bad somebody couldn’t find the money to move that streetlight just a few feet, so that it doesn’t block the neon sign.

  2. Bernardo Beradino says

    Hooray for Companies That Use Slave Labor — Forever 21, Aeropostale, Toys ‘R’ Us, Urban Outfitters
    Regarding purchasing cotton from farms using child labor, Forever 21 has said that it “enters into a comprehensive agreement with each of [its] suppliers and vendors under which they promise to utilize legally qualified workers.” This is code for “what we do is none of your business, so quit trying to emancipate our child slaves! They’re the perfect employees!”
    Forever 21 fails to pretend that it cares even a tiny bit about the labor laws in Uzbekistan, the country from which most of their cotton is bought. In Uzbekistan, the government actually removes throes of children from school and places them in cotton fields during the harvest season. Who cares? Not Forever 21, Aeropostale, Toys ‘R’ Us, or Urban Outfitters. All of these companies source cotton from Uzbekistan, while over 70 other large retail stores have at least “made commitments to address forced labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry,” whatever that vague and lazy-sounding brush-off means.

  3. Amazing news. We’re a couple stores away from completing everyones wish list… Trader Joe’s, Apple, Gap, and then I think were’ good. Maybe a shoe warehouse kinda place?

  4. Bernardo Beradino Im a single mother living here in Northern California struggling to support myself and my children as a potter.
    These wonderful people just made a very generous order of my work for the
    grand opening of this store.

    This company has changed the lives of several female potters I know of recently that by supporting their careers, giving them a go and then continuing to sell their work.

    I dont know of any other retailer that is doing this for artists now.
    We are really struggling in this economy.
    This is a wonderful supportive gesture and fantastic exposure for folks like us.

    These are not evil people…
    they are truly wonderful!

    Horray…I say!

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