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Coming 2014: New H&M Flagship Store to Open at FIGat7th in Downtown LA

The new LA H&M flagship store at 32,000 square feet will open at FIGat7th in 2014

The new LA H&M flagship store at 32,000 square feet will open at FIGat7th in 2014

The exciting retail news for Downtown LA just keeps coming! Rumors about H&M opening at FIGat7th had been swirling around for several months after Zara announced their 27,000 square foot LA flagship store in May. Then yesterday afternoon, the LA Times confirmed that a massive 32,000 square foot H&M will, indeed, open at FIGat7th in 2014 offering the “whole gamut” of the H&M clothing collection including: men’s, women’s, lingerie and maternity, accessories, sports, and children’s apparel. What I wanna see is H&M Home added to the Downtown LA location, which is still missing from the entire U.S. market.

Apparently, the average size for 290 H&M stores in the country ranges between 20,000 to 25,000 square feet making the future Downtown LA store a lot bigger than average. Hence, why it will be considered a flagship location for the global Swedish mega-chain here in LA. For comparison sake, New York still has the largest H&M stores in the country with a truly massive 4-story, 63,000 square footer (wrapped in LED lighting¬†√† la Tokyo’s Ginza district) opening in Herald Square in late 2014. This is where we’ll likely see H&M Home introduced into the U.S. market.

The new Downtown LA H&M takes over a big chunk of the former Robinsons-May department store space at FIGat7th. Construction has already begun on H&M and will open around the same time Zara opens next spring.

A peek inside the future Downtown LA H&M store now under construction

A peek inside the future Downtown LA H&M store now under construction

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  1. raymond3000 says


    DTLA really has turned a corner!! Who would’ve thought even 2 yrs ago that these retailers would be here?? WOW

    • That is a solid lineup and to be honest I believe its the Whole Foods that caused the tipping point. Provided this sustained economic and real estate density continues, why we don’t see a new apple store in the Macy’s rebuild would be shocking to me. A Sephora to follow is my early prediction. Eataly?- Yes please!

      And with the advent of the new Hanjin owned Mega Hotel capping the corner of 7th and Fig I think that street car needs a serious push. If you use your imagination- why shouldn’t Vincent’s plaza be bought out by a big box retailer like Best Buy and Crate & Barrel. Bed,Bath and Beyond? and that courtyard under St. Vencent’s be more like the bistros one treasures in San Francisco???

  2. sebastian says

    Very cool, but I just wish these stores opened on Broadway. There’s so many beautiful spaces there, that can show off the architecture. Maybe they are moving there because these retail stores know that there is going to be a huge hotel there in the near future.

    • i agree completely. The city needs to step up and start rezoning and relocating some of these low-end tenants who don’t better address their storefronts and the police need to get these people into programs and off our streets. Rezone, refinish the streets and start packaging those “new blocks for retailers who can follow in the foot steps of Urban Outfitters who is booting out a sock vendor and a “we buy gold” slum tenant. REtailers shouldn’t have to do all of the imagination work Can I get an Amen!?!

  3. Cristian Reyes says

    now we just need high end luxury retailers like louis vuitton, gucci, hermes, prada, etc. basically broadway needs to become the rodeo drive of downtown la

  4. Matthew says

    Better get that streetcar going NOW to better connect FIGat7th (blech) with other places downtown that people actually want to hang out in. Their parking garage is absolute torture.

    • Shahbaz says

      Seriously, FIGat7th is better utilized by the LA masses who generally drive or take the bus (those who don’t actually live in downtown, but more around downtown in addition to those who work in the area). While there’s nothing wrong with serving that demographic (and there’s certainly a big gaping need to serve that demographic), these fortress-like malls still don’t connect very well to the pedestrian experience like a typical shop right on the street. I understand retailers are still a bit afraid to test the downtown urban landscape due to some of the “unsightliness” they see on the streets (mainly bums, but also poorer working class folk), but until they embrace that sort of urban fabric, downtown will not turn into anything more than a glorified shopping mall.

      Though, I do agree that streets like Broadway and Grand and Main can benefit more by providing a niche shopping/retail experience without the big box chains — they would help keep the character of the Core of DTLA still very artisinal and chic. This is worth more in terms of tourist draws than turning downtown into another Westfield shopping mall.

      • downtown resident says

        I agree completely. A real urban shopping experience would be great. The reality is, bums are sleeping in the entrance ways of shops and restaurants. They are defecating in them sometimes. They are hanging outside panhandling.

        Fig@7th has security that prevents this from happening.

        • But Urban Outfitters is coming to Broadway. Others will come. Everybody can’t fit into 7th & Fig. The stores will come.

        • brudy says

          Been to Soho in new york lately? Or Newbury St in Boston? Not too many bums shitting there. That’s not authenticity, it’s just gross.

          • Okay so thats where a group like “Bringing Back Broadway” and concerned citizens like you need to meet and share ideas. These are great people looking for community input and light volunteer work. We have to take it back not just cast opinions on blogs.

  5. raymond3000 says

    I think the good thing about H&M is that it’s considered a must have retailer in most retail areas so for them to choose DT speaks volumes & will make it more viable for other retailers waiting/ considering to make that DTLA leap!

    Maybe one day they will open another store on Bway in a historic building but it will be down the road, now if another must have retailer takes a chance on Bway then u may see it develop into it’s own shopping destination also! Sooo happy!

  6. For comparison, the H&M flagship store at the Beverly Center is 26,000 sf.

    • Thanks Pak for pointing that out. I believe the Beverly Center location is the largest one in the LA area (not sure how large the one at SCP is). The Downtown LA location will be substantially larger.

  7. Lozza says

    They need to bring in ” and other stories” or “cos”… Both are from Hennes but much much better products

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