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Downtown LA’s Highly Anticipated Ace Hotel Opening in Mid-January 2014

Ace Hotel will be opening in mid-Jan 2014, restoring and keeping the famous"Jesus Saves" sign in back of the United Artist Theater (Photo: CaptainMarvel)

Ace Hotel will be opening in mid-Jan 2014, restoring and keeping the famous “Jesus Saves” sign in back of the United Artist Theater (Photo: CaptainMarvel)

Back in Oct 2011, DTLA Rising broke the news that Ace Hotel was potentially taking over the historic United Artist Theater near 9th and Broadway in the Historic Core borderline Fashion District. Obviously that “rumor” turned out to be one of the most exciting and highly anticipated redevelopment projects in Downtown LA. Two years later, construction on the hotel project is finally nearing completion with an opening date slated for early next year. In fact, the Ace Hotel website is now accepting reservations beginning Jan 15, 2014 with current room rates ranging from $212 to $569.

The 182-room hotel will feature an amazing rooftop pool and bar with spectacular views of the Downtown LA skyline. There will also be a fitness center and in-room amenities that Ace Hotel is known for. In addition, the 1,600-seat performance space inside the historic 1927 United Artist Theater will be reactivated with the inclusion of a screening room as well. Los Angeles-based design firm, Commune, and Ace Hotel’s in-house firm, Atelier Ace, were brought on to design the hotel guest rooms and common spaces.

When Ace Hotel opens next year, it will be a complete game changer for the revitalization happening along Broadway adding a substantial major injection to the critical mass of new businesses coalescing around the epicenter of 9th/Broadway including newcomers: Acne Studios, Aesop, Tanner Goods, and Tarina Tarantino’s Sparkle Factory.

“Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles marks our second opening in California,” Alex Calderwood, co-founder of Ace Hotel Group, explained in a statement. “Restoring this landmark is the kind of project we dream of and we’re proud to be a part of the on-going revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles.”

For more info and hotel reservations, visit Ace Hotel Los Angeles online.

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  1. raymond3000 says

    Are they gonna paint the rest of the building because its gleaming crown against otherwise dingy facade is quite a contrast. Is that on purpose?

    • Yes, I was told that they would try to make the entire building the same color. I believe they will probably find a color that matches the building instead of the very “polished creamy white” crown. So they’ll try to find the best match for the building and paint the crown to match the building if that makes any sense. We’ll see how it turns out.

    • Dweebo says

      I really really really hope they do not paint the rest of the building. You don’t paint stone, terra cotta, marble, etc. There are a couple buildings around DT that have been painted recently and it’s a sad sad shame. They should just repaint the crown to match the rest of the bldg as best as possible.

      • Sorry for the confusion! That’s exactly what I meant to say. I was told that they’ll probably just repaint the crown to match the rest of the building as best as possible.

  2. When are they going to announce the retailers/restaurants? I’m holding out for an Opening Ceremony, a lá the NY hotel.

  3. I’m almost speechless! Who would have ever thought something so beautiful would ever come back to Broadway. This is awesome and I can’t wait for the grand opening.

    • That hideous billboard on the right side of the hotel is hopefully coming down.

      • JDRCRASHER says

        What??? There’s nothing wrong with that sign AT ALL.

        Let me make this clear… there is a huge difference between an old-fashioned neon sign and a huge Mike McNeilly clusterf@#$.

        • Pretty sure they are talking about the shitty little billboard down at street level next to the building. I believe it’s advertising a strip club at the moment.

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