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It’s Official: New CVS Pharmacy “Urban Cluster” Store Coming to Historic Core Downtown LA

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A new 15,000 square foot CVS Pharmacy is coming to 7th/Spring in Downtown LA

So it’s official! A brand new CVS Pharmacy is coming downtown soon. Slated for a late 2014 opening, the new CVS will be taking over a 15,000 13,800 square foot corner space on the ground floor of the beautiful historic Van Nuys building on the SW corner of 7th/Spring. According to the listing agent Derrick Moore, a commercial broker with Avison Young who represented the building owner, the lease was just fully executed and finalized. Initial demolition work has already begun inside the space clearing the way for CVS to begin construction once plans and permits are approved by the city.

The new Downtown LA store will be different from many of its suburban counterparts as it will have an “urban cluster” concept that CVS rolled out in 2010 (i.e., Union Square, New York being one of the first). The urban format will have a “significant focus on consumables” with an expansive Grab & Go prepared foods section with sandwiches, salads, fresh fruits, as well as a large cooler section with deli meats, cheese, frozen foods, yogurt, soda, etc.

“Our research showed that our customers who live and work in our urban markets shop CVS more as a general store, so we are adapting our product mix and store layout to better address their needs,” says CVS spokesman Michael DeAngelis.

At #13 on the Fortune 500 list, CVS Pharmacy is the largest drug store chain in the country with over 7,100 locations including Longs Drugs Store, both chains owned by CVS Caremark Corporation based in Rhode Island.

It’s not exactly “sexy,” but I am still very excited about CVS opening downtown because as another new-to-downtown drug store brand it provides yet another option for downtown residents in addition to Walgreens and Rite Aid (read: choices). These are the very basic amenities that all established communities have like Santa Monica, West Hollywood, or Pasadena. Downtown LA should be no different in that regard. Creating a truly well-rounded livable community is hardly just about bars and restaurants. It’s having everything and having choices.

On a side note, there is technically a small CVS at the hideous LA Mall in the Civic Center, but this new one located on the dense residential corridor of Spring Street will be the first one actually relevant to many residents living downtown.

Check out some pictures of what the new urban concept looks like.

Center map
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  1. There’s also the CVS just down the block from LA downtown news – sunset and beaudry.

    But – even living nearby on 2nd street, I’d much rather head down to 7th/spring where I spend far more of my time anyway.

  2. says

    The plethora of busses on 7th and Spring must be moved. It’s out of control.

  3. Lawrence says

    This will be a good addition to the neighborhood. A liveable city requires having choices for basic needs such as groceries, drug stores etc. Bars, restaurants and specialty retail are part of this equation as well, but can’t supplant the need businesses like CVS. Now if we could only have a few more truly low-mid priced restaurants in the area, that would be great!

  4. Ray Simmons says

    A Fresh and Easy would be a great fit downtown. Ron Burkle, are you listening?

  5. What ever happened to the walgreens that was slated to open on the ground floor of the Chester Williams building?

    • wildstar says

      It sat for a while but they’ve been working away the last few months. They seem to be taking their time. I heard from someone in the building that it was supposed to be open in november, but it looks like they still have a ways to go.

    • wildstar says

      Actually I just walked by and the Walgreens is further along than I thought. THe drop ceiling is almost done and the rest of the basic interior looks nearly complete.

  6. Thomas O' Connell says

    GREAT,,a hideous new CVS with their ugly flourescent lighting and dirty floors and horrid colors! in a classic building yet!

    • Lawrence says

      @Thomas – It’s great because it provides a necessary service to the community. Classic buildings in cities across the country and world contain businesses like CVS, grocery stores and other business that serve residents. I’ll take this CVS with its red color scheme and fluorescent lighting any day over a derelict storefront covered in piss, human & dog crap and/or someone passed out on the doorstep.

        • Thomas O' Connell says

          You can still have a classic building and be sensitive to the structure when putting in a retail chain store by adjusting your design elements to blend with the historic structure and a TRUE downtown urban center!…All corporate chains do not have to look like a suburban 7Eleven,Rite Aid …or Subway in a cheap strip center!

  7. Well not the most exciting news, but as long as it’s open 24/7 I’m happy. I’m kinda sick of braving the line at LA café when I just want a late-night kombucha or something. A lot of us DT have unconventional hours and insomnia- I’m sure we’re all welcome to new options.

  8. Funny to think of a chain drugstore moving into the funky space that I’ll always associate with the incredibly cranky little old man and his stock of dusty off-brand toiletries and tables stacked with imperfect vintage 1980s concert Ts. He would yell at you for messing up the folded shirts, but how else were you supposed to find the good bands under the Men at Work and Kajagoogoo?

  9. This does not hurt us.I agree with the idea of aesthetics being central to our revitalization- that has to be part of the discussion, but right now we should encourage any and all comers who are going to fill vacant and depressing looking structures with new options.The only real concern is that we don’t get over run like Duane Reade has done to NYC. Once they are in they never get bumped out. Any early predictions on what “The Bloc” will bring to 7th? Sephora? Apple Store? Come on Eataly!!!!!!

  10. Although it seems they forgot to mention the CVS and RiteAid located at the homeless infested 5th and Broadway, I’m REALLY excited about this CVS because I live in the Van Nuys building! Just a 20 foot walk! lol

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