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Sorta Rumor Mill: OAK NYC and French Fashion Line A.P.C. Coming to 9th/Broadway in Downtown LA

Two more high-end retailers are planning to join the retail explosion at 9th/Broadway in Downtown LA: OAK NYC and A.P.C.

Two more high-end retailers are planning to join the retail explosion at 9th/Broadway in Downtown LA: OAK NYC and A.P.C. (Photo: OAK NYC and APC)

Okay, we all know that 9th/Broadway is totally on fire! The once desolate intersection at the cusp of the Historic Core and Fashion District is quickly becoming the hub of some serious retail activity in Downtown LA as both Acne Studios and Urban Outfitters prepare for an opening later this month and Aesop and Tanner Goods are planning a Jan 2014 opening. Don’t forget Ace Hotel is also opening on Jan 15, 2014 and Tarina Tarantino’s Sparkle Factory opening summer 2014. So could this get any better? The answer is a resounding yes! Add two more high-end retailers to the growing list: indie store OAK NYC and global French fashion line A.P.C.

Several local sources have alerted me about this, and although exact locations are still uncertain for both OAK NYC and A.P.C., I have confirmed with OAK NYC that they are, indeed, planning to open in Downtown LA in early 2014. The 9th/Broadway corner retail space at the Blackstone Apartments seems to be a logical place currently occupied by an art gallery, but that’s just a guess. OAK NYC is a high-end indie clothing retailer from New York with only two locations, one near NYU and another in Brooklyn. Downtown LA will be only their third location.

Two separate local sources have also informed me that A.P.C. — basically Swedish Acne Studios’ French counterpart — is looking to open near 9th/Broadway sometime next year as well. Rumors point to an art gallery along 9th Street on the ground floor of the Ninth/Broadway art deco building. Apparently, A.P.C. has been looking for an opportunity to relocate their current store in West Hollywood near Melrose and La Cienega. This would definitely be that perfect opportunity to be a part of a growing retail movement in Downtown LA.

More details should surface regarding these two exciting retailers soon.

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  1. Alan H. says

    Yes, this is great news for the corridor. Broadway will be an entirely different place in 5-10 years.

  2. Don Goldberg says

    It’s important that the area become a destination for something beyond clubbing.

  3. brudy says

    This is insane. Of everything coming/arrived on Broadway, APC is my favorite. HUGE news.

  4. brudy says

    Brigham – use your magical powers to get that Nudie showroom on the groundfloor on 8th (or is it 9th) to open as a retail store.

  5. Crazy, downtown is IN IT now, really excited for APC, Ace and Acne, will be at this intersection a lot

  6. Great news – another possible spot is next to the Orpheum, currently where the optometrist is. Not sure about the square footage, but the location would central to everything else that is going on in the area. But even better would be for someone to renovate the building that is across from the Rialto. Good times

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