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Burlington Coat Factory to Replace Big Lots at 7th/Broadway in Downtown LA

A Burlington store will replace Big Lots at 7th/Broadway

A Burlington store will replace Big Lots at 7th/Broadway

This just in: Burlington Coat Factory (referred to as simply “Burlington” on their website) has leased the underground space now occupied by Big Lots located at 7th/Broadway. [Update 2/13/2014: Burlington has apparently leased the ground floor retail space as well above Big Lots totaling approximately 40,000 square feet.] The space is located under the Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, which was once the original Bullock’s flagship department store built in 1906. Apparently, Burlington will also take a smaller portion of the space above Big Lots on the street level for a total of 18,000 square feet. It is still unclear when Big Lots would vacate and when Burlington plans to open.

Burlington adds to a slew of new national and international retailers opening on Broadway with both high and low price points — from Acne Studios to Ross. Historically speaking, this is very much in line with the business mix during Broadway’s heyday in the past as a thriving shopping district where you would have the high-end, such as the posh Bullock’s department store, but you also had Woolworth (now occupied by Ross Dress for Less), which was considered a five-and-dime store.

Burlington started out in 1924 selling wholesale coats for ladies and juniors. Overtime, it evolved into its current iteration selling all lines of clothing styles for both men and women including designer brands like Vince Camuto, Nicole Miller, and London Fog. The national chain now has over 500 stores in 44 states.

Word on the street is that TJ Maxx — Burlington’s higher-end competition — is also looking for space downtown as well.

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  1. downtown resident says

    Maybe this new tenant will care about the homeless people camping/pissing/shitting on their property every night. Lets hope!

  2. Not sure why this is a great move. Big lots actually serves a purpose in the community and with all of the empty and vacant spaces in that building and nearby, why do we have to lose a business to gain another? Kind of ridiculous.

  3. hopefully they will clean things up and refresh that corner

  4. Good riddens Big Lots. Nasty, dirty, trashy and smelly in and around its store. This will be an improvement.

  5. Big Lots is one of the only “older” stores on broadway that I actually do shop at!! They have all sorts of great prices on name brand stuff, I got a nice Hamilton beech coffee maker there once, as well as my shark mop for like $35… But I always go for $1.50 bottles of Ocean Spray Juices that are $5 at ralphs, same for ground coffee, my favorite flavor of crest toothpaste for $2 ($4 at ralphs), mini packs of aleve (6 aleve for $1 when a bottle of 20 at walgreens is over $10). Toilet paper, paper towels, silo plastic cups, deodorant (they have secret, degree etc), bars of soap (4 bars of ivory for $2). Ugh. How many coats am I going to buy?? We don’t even need coats in LA?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOO!!!

  6. wildstar says

    I was just laughing last week when I saw a Burlington – I was like what’s that doing in southern california? In any case, I wouldn’t call Burlington Coat Factory an upgrade. I’ve been in a few back east and they’re nothing to write home about it any way at all. The stock seemed like the stuff that was left over from the worst Ross clearance sale ever.

    Now TJ Maxx, that’s getting there (as long as it’s a good one).

  7. districtdirt says

    Hey hey! A little slice of my home state in DTLA.

  8. Big Lots carries Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats, among other things I use a lot. This is not an improvement. We don’t need to scrape away every vestige of the old Broadway. This actually makes the Historic Core less livable, boo.

  9. as many have said, big lots is actually pretty useful. before target, especially, but it’s still got a lot of utility. i’m less enthused about this particular change.

  10. But I love Big Lots! It’s the only place where I can get groceries (among other things) at really cheap prices. Who needs coats in LA anyway?

  11. NOOOO! I love BigLots! I get all my seasonal stuff there! Not to mention kitchen and everyday necessities at way cheaper prices than Ralph’s nor Target! You can’t get that at Burlington! They should definitely re-think this.

  12. Lawrence says

    I agree that Big Lots is good to have in Downtown as it’s relevant to everyday residents. It would be great if they relocated to a different space and built out a nicer store. The current location, however, is pretty bad. The entrance is dark and dirty and the store itself is always hot and stuffy. Hopefully Burlington can update the entry area and install some much needed ventilation in the space.

  13. Mr Whitman says

    I’ve lived downtown in the historic core since 2008 and just now reading we got a Big Lots. I’ve probably walked past it many times. I would hate to lose them just when I found them.

    That’s what I love about Broadway, lots of hidden old gems.

    (And if it’s smelly out front, I’ll call the Downtown BID to come clean up. I’ve got their number in my cellphone. The BID is usually pretty prompt about sending over their sidewalk sweeper/washing machines)

  14. I have been shopping at Big Lots for 15 years and I would be surprised if they will not be able to find another space to rent in the neighborhood.

  15. David says

    Having been to a Big Lots in a smaller town, I was excited when I moved downtown two years ago, to find out that there was a Big Lots downtown. However once I went there it was a huge disappointment. The story is dark, nasty, hot and humid, and there are never enough cashiers. And everyone that works there looks extremely unhappy. So I welcome Burlington Coat Factory, which sells more than coats and will most likely tailor their inventory to merchandise that best fits SoCal weather.

    That said, I would love to see a REAL Big Lots open in a new and better location downtown. I agree Big Lots is a great type of store to have in downtown LA, but the current one is a blight in downtown and not at all up to par with Big Lots in other areas.

  16. Agree with all above that this is a huge loss for the historic core. Target is farther and more expensive. I go to Big Lots all the time! And Burlington?? We’ve already got a Ross in the neighborhood, and we’re right next to the fashion district for Christ sake. Why do we need this???

  17. caleb says

    what the f|_|ck use is a burlington coat factory to dtla?!? there is already a ross, target, macy’s, fallas paredes, santee alley. we actually need a big lots downtown not more clothing options…and it’s god damn LA when do we actually wear coats?!? so distraught when i went there last week and saw they were gone. i need another option to get brand name quality goods at a low price. 99 cent carries poor quality items and target is overpriced for toiletries and home goods like cleaners, paper goods, bath/health items, pillows and storage items. so pissed!! if they just cleaned it up a bit that would have been nice but stuff is in packaging and good quality! i’m looking at my box of hefty tall kitchen bags in a box of 108 for $2.80!! and i’ve had this thing for like a year! i got a hoover vacuum three years ago for $50! microwave for like $40, blender, toaster for $10. i have a f|_|cking rowenta iron i got for $25 dollars from there and i’ve had it for 10 years! 10 years! rowenta! i’ve never seen a rowenta for less than $50! so pissed, i blame YOU new gentry-downtown apartment dwellers for it’s demise! just b/c it has a below grade entry and i little bit of dust on the floor you are ready to condemn it just b/c it doesn’t look like an h&m! so pissed, i hate you all right now..

  18. venus says

    i like Biglots-although i live i n Glendale i travel downtown to buy my miscellaneous needs at Big lots and i save a lot.i am not well to do person who can afford to shop at expensive places so i wish they will relocate Big lots somewhere around that area with a better management.

  19. sadly management is bullying all the vendors at the St. VIncent Jewelry Center and forcing them to leave, regardless if they have been there for 30 plus years or not. Why more clothing stores in DTLA when you have a whole entire district dedicated to clothing? Boggles the mind.

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