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Watch Downtown LA’s New 32-Story Onni Tower Rise Halfway Up in 21 Seconds

Watch Onni’s 32-story apartment tower u/c rise halfway up in just 21 seconds!

Downtown resident, Aileen Viray, sends in this cool time-lapse video she put together — starting last November and ending just last week in February — tracking the progress at 9th and Olive where Onni’s new apartment tower is actively under construction. The high-rise has now risen exactly halfway up with work starting on the 17th floor (out of 32 floors total). Construction has been humming at the site since Jan 2013 just over a year ago when groundbreaking commenced. Vancouver-based Onni Group is developing this new mixed-use apartment tower, currently dubbed 888 Olive St., and will eventually bring to market 283-units for rent and add 11,000 square feet of retail space to the corner intersection.

What I’m most excited about is what 888 Olive will do for this part of Downtown LA. When it’s finished in late 2015, not only will it add another gleaming new glass tower to our growing skyline, but it will also act as another important infill project that helps bridge and connect a growing urban community. Keep in mind, this tower is extremely close to all the action going on at 9th/Broadway (Ace Hotel, Acne Studios, etc.) and the future Whole Foods market just a block up. The new tower replaces a surface parking lot filling in the void between many burgeoning hot spots by acting as a bridge between South Park and the Historic Core for pedestrians. I’m sure all this new action swirling around 888 Olive will have a tremendous impact on the tower’s ability to attract some pretty high-quality businesses bringing newly rejuvenated life back to this desolate stretch.

The fun doesn’t stop at 888 Olive. Onni Group is planning to build several other residential mixed-use towers in South Park in the next few years.

An updated rendering of 888 Olive shows a gleaming glass tower adjacent to the historic 1926 Coast Savings Building at 9th/Olive (Photo: Onni Group)

An updated rendering of 888 Olive shows a gleaming glass tower adjacent to the historic 1926 Coast Savings Building at 9th/Olive (Photo: Onni Group)

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  1. John G. says

    Great video!

    Fits the name of this website perfectly (DTLA Rising).

    Thanks Aileen…

    • We think that “DTLA Rising” is now, but imagine when we see Wilshire Grand Tower begin to really rise along with Metropolis and the future South Park towers all set to break ground in the next several years!

  2. Jim Norton says

    Trader Joe’s, Shmader Joe’s. We’ve been begging TJ’s to move downtown for years now, but they continue to refuse. I’m tired of the “Oh, please, please confirm our existence by moving here, please, please, please!”
    We’ve got Ralph’s and soon Whole Foods. If TJ wants to move downtown, fine. But let’s quit begging.

  3. Caught this in the article and in an earlier DTLA Rising piece. It sounds like nitpicking, but I’m truly curious: Can “groundbreaking commence” or “begin”? Or is groundbreaking a single moment in a project’s life? I thought the latter (though perhaps one can “begin” a specific groundbreaking event). Any grammarians out there?

  4. Raymond3000 says

    I love love the glass going up in this & 8th & Hope bldg, they both look high-quality! Also there are now 303 instead of 283 units in ONNI bldg!

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