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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Coming to Downtown LA: No Talking or Texting Allowed!

Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, with its strict no texting or talking policy, will be a very welcome addition to The Bloc in Downtown LA (Photos: and The Bloc)

Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, with its strict no texting or talking policy, will be a very welcome addition to The Bloc in Downtown LA (Photos: and The Bloc)

By now, most of you have probably heard that America’s new favorite movie chain, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, is coming to Downtown LA opening within The Bloc (formerly known as Macy’s Plaza), which is going through an exciting $180 million makeover. For me, I am particularly excited about Alamo finally making its way here because of their “ironclad” policy for no talking and texting during a movie. THANK YOU ALAMO! Where have you been all my life? One of my biggest pet peeves ever is going to the movies and having to deal with rude-inconsiderate people who text and sometimes even check/update their Facebook or Twitter while a movie is in progress. We’ve all sat near someone during a movie who just can’t seem to shut up, ruining the entire movie-going experience for all of us. I’ve even had the pleasure of sitting next to a guy who picked up his phone and actually had a full-on conversation (for about a whole minute) while the movie was playing. As a result, I usually end up with a ton of anxiety before a movie begins thinking: “Gee, I wonder how many people will be texting on their phone this time.”

Likely opening sometime in 2016, the new Downtown LA Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will have nine screens with a capacity of up to 800 movie goers. The theater will be located on the third floor of The Bloc complex, replacing a large portion of the home department section of Macy’s department store. Sources informed me a few months ago that Macy’s will become 4 stories (currently 3 stories), taking space within the basement (possibly next to Trader Joe’s). Essentially, The Cellar homeware section will be relocated to the basement to make way for Alamo (instead of what I thought would be an iPic). The third floor—that will remain Macy’s—will contain sections for children’s, mattresses, and furniture.

My hope is that other theater chains (I’m looking at you LA Live Regal) will follow Alamo’s lead with their own no tolerance for talking or texting in a movie. Until that happens, I’ll be glad to know there will be a place soon for movie lovers to watch a film in peace.

Watch: Alamo is hardcore about no talking/texting!

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  1. Dieter Muller says

    I wonder if being served food and drinks during a movie isn’t at least, if not more disruptive, as cellphone activity?

    • wildstar says

      No, because it’s the light of the phone that’s the most disruptive.

    • It’s all done silently. You right what you want on a piece of paper and they take care of orders without speech. And the
      seats/tables are elevated so the wait staff don’t block anybody’s views. They have been doing this for a very long time, they know exactly what they are doing.

  2. Jason h says

    Some people need to get a life and quit being obsessed with trivial annoyances…

  3. Sun Ra says

    I concur with Jason H. What’s more important than their etiquette policies is that they will carry craft beer (hoooooray) and will most likely showcase independent flicks that many of us only wish for in Downtown Los Angeles.

    • wildstar says

      Look through what’s showing at their other theaters – it’s mostly mainstream movies. This is great and all, but I would have preferred Laemmle come back to downtown, we already have the Regal for mainstream stuff.

      Anybody who texts during a move should be thrown out, you selfish losers.

      • Sun Ra says

        f they don’t show independent films, which I thought, then like you I’d prefer a Laemmle or an Arc Light or something. Anyhow, I love the craft beer aspect of it and welcome more theaters to DTLA. I’m not going to hate on that.

  4. At $14 or more a pop, it’s not a trivial annoyance to want people to STFU and stop checking their “smart” phones for 90-120 minutes for fear the world will fall apart without them. BTW, it’s my understanding that Alamo only serves up until the show starts.

  5. Mr Whitman says

    Brigham you suggested Regal downtown is lenient with talkers/texters. However, last weekend, we witnessed a Regal usher (accompanied by a security guard) told a gabby bunch of young men, “you need to leave NOW”. The gabby ones were protesting, but Regal gave no excuses: “Leave NOW”. They did, and these boys looked rough around the edges….a possible challenge.
    Awesome Regal.

    • Great to hear Mr Whitman. I had a couple of really bad experiences there with people talking/texting and told the actual General Manager and he said he couldn’t do anything about it. They gave us free tickets “for next time” but we ended up leaving and not finishing the movie. I mean, I still go there because I think it’s a GREAT movie theater with high quality sound and picture, but now if they are getting stricter about no talking/texting, that makes it even better! Frankly, I think all movie theaters should not allow texting/talking, otherwise, I’ll just wait for it to come out on Netflix and watch at home in peace.

  6. Coming from Austin and missing it every day that I’m in this city, I am thrilled that they’re finally starting to move forward with this plan! Oh, and to those who are wondering if it’s bothersome that they take orders during the movie, it’s not bothersome at all. As others have stated, they are surreptitious in their movements, enough not to be distracting. They do take orders throughout about 75% of the movie, but you never notice them (because the seats are so highly placed that they can bend down and walk quickly out of your field of view. Can’t wait!

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