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Find the People You’ve Crossed Paths with in Downtown LA Thanks to Happn

Happn is available for free download on the App and Play Stores

Happn has arrived in Los Angeles and is available for free download on the App and Play Stores

Have you ever had a crush on someone you didn’t have a chance to talk to? But it filled you with regrets and you couldn’t stop thinking about him or her?

There are a bunch of reasons that prevent us from approaching strangers. Because the situation wasn’t ideal, because you don’t know what the other person is going to think… Or, for instance, simply because you can’t really make eye contact with someone driving in a car while you’re driving as well. Taking your eyes off the road is a recipe for disaster. However, most people walk in Downtown LA and that’s why a new dating app called Happn is launching here as part of their plan to add Los Angeles to a growing list of cities the app services where chance encounters become the spice of real dating life. Making eye contact with that handsome stranger crossing the street might lead more with Happn.

Happn helps you discover the people you crossed paths with, in real life, and who you would like to find again. Happn is also geolocated and uses real-time, which means every time you cross paths with another member, their profile immediately appears on your app and will mark down the time and location each time your paths cross. Certain people will cross paths repeatedly, and this can spark an interest to connect with each other.

The app is growing fast. Happn is only about a year old (it was launched in early 2014), but has already grown to a million members as the app continues to add serviced cities, which currently includes in addition to Los Angeles: Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, and recently, New York City, Chicago and Sydney.

Happn is available for free download on both the App Store and Play Store by clicking here.

“I had run into Kate on 7th Street several times on my way to work without really knowing her. That was until the day I saw her on Happn. We started chatting every night on the app until she asked me out for a drink. We ended up having a wonderful time on Spring Street. My dream had finally come true!”

Tim, 27, Downtown Los Angeles






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