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Luxury Cavalli Hotel Coming to Massive Fig Central in Downtown LA

Fig Central, which recently broke ground, will catapult South Park to another level when completed several years from now (Photo: Oceanwide)

The $1 billion Fig Central, which recently broke ground across from Staples Center, will catapult South Park to another level when completed several years from now (Photo: Oceanwide)

In the increasingly crowded landscape of Downtown LA’s development boom, Fig Central across from Staples Center, having recently broken ground, will still stand out as one of the hugest game changing projects to date in Downtown LA. When completed several years from now, this truly massive $1 billion project on 4.6 acres of land will catapult South Park to a whole new level of urbanization. Three skyline-redefining towers designed by RTKL (shown in these new renderings released) will rise as part of the project — one 49-story tower and two 40-story twin towers — adding 504 new luxury for sale units to downtown’s condo-starved housing stock.

In addition, the developer of Fig Central, Beijing-based Oceanwide Holdings Co, has revealed on their website more exciting details about their collaboration with the Dubai-based luxury lifestyle holding company, Pragma Group. DTLA Rising first broke the news last year that the Cavalli Club — inspired by Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli — was coming into the development. Now Fig Central’s website not only confirms this detail but also that the 183-room hotel planned for the project will be a five star Cavalli-branded flag, the first one of its kind in the world that was supposed to launch in Dubai in 2013 but hasn’t happened yet.

The Cavalli Hotel will undoubtedly become an international draw for visitors to Los Angeles and will continue to help reshape Downtown LA’s reputation as a serious urban center — something that would’ve been viewed as laughable a decade ago. To support the anticipated influx of future new visitors to downtown, about 200,000 square feet of retail is also planned for the first and second levels within Fig Central. Everyone I have spoken to about this project expects that it’ll go “really high end.” Is this where the first Louis Vuitton store will set up shop as you can see subtly in this rendering?

Three skyline-redefining towers will be added to Downtown LA

Three skyline-redefining towers will be added to Downtown LA (Photo: Oceanwide)

Over 32,000 square feet of LED lighting will wrap the Figueroa side of the project (Photo: Oceanwide)

Over 32,000 square feet of LED lighting will wrap the Figueroa side of the project (Photo: Oceanwide)

What it'll look like standing on Figueroa at Staples Center when Fig Central is completed (Photo: Oceanwide)

What it’ll look like standing on Figueroa at Staples Center when Fig Central is completed (Photo: Oceanwide)

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  1. Feels like DTLA accumulates considerable capacity for ‘ego-assisted living’ in the next years. I hope for the developers that they don’t run out of 1percenters to fill all those towers.

    • Sun Ra says

      My thoughts completely. Let’s hope these kind of establishments stay in South Park and not effect the Historic Core or the rest of downtown for that matter.

      Sun Ra needs some record stores. Calm down on the bourgeois developments.

    • John G. says

      Don’t get your point. How can you be complaining about these types of projects when no one else was taking the effort to invest here when it was still a parking lot? We are finally moving ahead and you want us to take two steps back? I see you want fairness and equity in the community – how can you achieve this when NO ONE else was stepping up to the plate to provide the impetus for change. I applaud this developer and the opportunities they will be providing.

    • FleeingTheSuburbs says

      A few have said this, but I’m going to reiterate – this is good for everyone! No one is displaced by buidling on the site of a parking lot. Yes this is housing for “one percenters”, but those people will be spending their money in DTLA rather than Beverly Hills, San Marino, or Malibu. It brings lot of service jobs to the area too. This is good for DTLA.

  2. wow! south park is going to look amazing! i feel like with all the lighting, it is having this las vegas strip vibe! cool!

  3. This is beautiful! These parking lots were the worst and the change that’s coming is absolutely amazing. Wow!!!

  4. This is beyond amazing for South Park and Downtown. This project is a truly game changing development for our neighborhood. Combine that with Metropolis and the skyline of South Park will finally be fuller and meet the rest of DTLA. Amazing!

  5. Topher says

    Does anyone know if the grand ave project will break ground soon? The north end of DTLA needs some momentum.

  6. @andreaswracker: While I agree that we need housing for every income level in DTLA, the developers of this incredible project can hardly be faulted for bringing a high-end project to this part of DTLA, featuring retail and entertainment options that heretofore haven’t existed downtown. Residents of every income level will enjoy the synergy that this project will create between Staples, LA Live, and the many residential/retail projects to the east, south and north of it.

  7. Brigham, OT……what’s happening with the Related development on Grand Ave. Development keeps getting postponed. Any word on the street?

    • The Grand is scheduled to start in 2016. The Emerson apartments, although a Related project, is not part of The Grand. Boy, has Related Companies missed the boat. After 10 years the project has been downsized in scope. Luckily, Frank Gehry is back on as architect.

  8. It’s across from the convention center but what kind of convention attracts visitors that would pay for this kind of hotel?

    1,500 parking spaces is also a disaster in the making.

    • carter says

      The AMA convention might be one where doctors can write off the expenses. And with high end hotels already commanding over $500 per night, what is expensive these days after the deductions?

  9. Sebastian says

    They’re going to have to recreate the blue line station on Flower to add more travelers. That podium is not big enough. Maybe they can somehow built it up to be part of the Fig Central development.

    • It should all have been put underground at Washington Blcd during the expo line construction.

      Flower/Washington = new underground station
      No more issues with the on-ramps at the 10
      Pico Station underground with suitable connections to this development

    • Shabaz says

      I don’t see the patrons to this type of establishment being the typical metro rider… so I will go out on a limb and say that the short platforms are not going to be a big deal, for now.

  10. This is a fantastic development for DTLA! What’s with all of the hate for the 1%ers? This will bring in wealthy people from other states and countries (at least on a part time basis) who will spend their money in LA and pay taxes. Do you really want an LA that is nothing but lots and lots of poor with a few middle class people? The City is going broke.

  11. As the second largest city in the country, until recently DTLA has been non existent in comparison to N.Y. or Chicago. Our time has come, DTLA is the hottest place to bring and do business, let’s have a skyline to showcase and the diversity like no other, I look forward to all these project to come to fruition, build strong, build tall, VIVA DTLA!!!

  12. Can I just get a newsstand ?? You know a short walk to the newsstand for the paper and magazines over coffee.

    • John G. says

      Not sure if pedestrian thru-traffic on sidewalks provides enough volume to make independent news stands economically viable. Also, the city should be more open and incentivize such stands to open up. Are city permits currently hard to get? What about the taxes? Vendors need a certain sales volume to be profitable as well.

      jake, I understand what you’re saying. Global cities around the world have news stands. Not sure if downtown LA is there yet, and if we are in certain areas (like South Park), the city needs to promote such vendors to make them economically feasible.

  13. Sebastian says

    Does anyone know when the other twin tower project further south will start?

  14. Do you know what has happened to this development? It broke ground around the same time as Circa, but aside from some dirt being excavated, not much action. Did financing fall through?

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