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Blue Bottle Coffee Coming to Bradbury Building in Downtown LA

Blue Bottle Coffee will be opening at the corner of the Bradbury Building at 3rd/Broadway replacing the Sprint store

Blue Bottle Coffee will be opening at the corner of the Bradbury Building at 3rd/Broadway replacing the Sprint store

This just in from an awesome tipster. Blue Bottle’s LA domination continues with another second location planning to open in Downtown LA in addition to the Arts District. According to the Financial Times published today, Blue Bottle has signed a lease to open in the amazing, beautiful historic Bradbury Building at 3rd and Broadway. Although the article doesn’t go into specifics about the new third-wave coffee outpost opening at one of LA’s most impressive architectural masterpieces¬†built in 1893, I am pretty certain it is replacing the Sprint store at the corner, which I noticed was vacating (relocating to another smaller space on Broadway also in the Bradbury Building) on May 1 during the “May Day Rally” when I snapped the picture above.

Blue Bottle opening on this stretch of northern Broadway has some very exciting implications for the revitalization of the entire historic thoroughfare. The prominent corner space with high visibility sits directly across the street from the Grand Central Market, which has become a magnet for some of the most creative culinary concepts to open in Los Angeles. Together, they will create a strong synergy (along with Maccheroni Republic and Spring) that will act as an even stronger anchor for the northern portion of Broadway that will likely attract more new businesses to open nearby. With 9th and Broadway toward the southern portion already experiencing amazing momentum, it is incredibly important for the future of Broadway to have the same kind of progress in the north to hem in the street.

Blue Bottle is slated to open next year in the Bradbury Building. Can’t wait.

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  1. Michael says

    Finally, something with a little more character to grace the historic spot

  2. GREAT! This should help reinforce the North end of East S. Broadway with restaurant sustainability!

  3. Clark says

    So excited to hear this. The North end of broadway has so much potential and available space. Glad Sprint stayed in the neighborhood as we need services like that too.
    Unfortunately, the optometrist at the Million Dollar building is being forced out. One great service getting lost to make way for a “bar”. She’s been there for 10 years. I hope landlords will see the need for services in our neighborhoods as much as the need for food and beverage.
    Let’s keep this end of Broadway progressing!!!

  4. Mark Waxberg says

    WONDERFUL! I love Blue Bottle, and I love Broadway! Really great to see these incredible names moving north. More please!

  5. Too many prime retail spots in DTLA are presently being occupied by cell phones which are closed at night and since they end to cluster together, they tend to make it harder for businesses that are also open at night to survive. But they have also helped fill formerly empty spaces and they also provide a needed service, so this type of restructuring is a perfect solution

    As for neighborhood services such as the optometrist in the Million Dollar Theater building, buildings with second floor retail areas such as the parking garage on east side of Broadway one building north of 5th and the just renovated four story at 529 S. Broadway – five buildings south of 5th on the west side of Broadway – which besides its second floor spaces which have both sidewalk and alley access – also has two basement spaces with direct sidewalk and alley access. And hopefully the Broadway sign guidelines can be modified (if necessary) in a way to help pedestrians find these types of second floor uses.

    And does anyone know what size and pricing needs of the optometrist are?

    • Clark says

      The optometry office is moving up to the new Jia apartment building in Chinatown.

  6. aardvark says

    Awesome news! This will at balance out the loss of soul at the 5th and Hill Starbucks.

  7. Michel says

    Do you have any updates regarding this? I can’t find any information online.

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