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One Santa Fe Reaches Leasing Milestone in Downtown LA Arts District

About a year after opening, One Santa Fe's 438 units are now 90% leased (Photo: One Santa Fe)

Close to a year since One Santa Fe started leasing its 438 apartment units situated on the eastern edge of the booming Arts District, the Michael Maltzan-designed mixed-use complex is now 90% leased according to development partner Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC. The rapid pace of filling up over 390 units in less than 12 months shows the demand to live downtown remains strong. At a quarter-mile long, the One Santa Fe complex has dramatically transformed this part of the Arts District into a destination when it was once just a desolate stretch of pretty much — nothing. Now, new sidewalks and trees along with new retail stores create a much more walkable environment that benefits the long-term goal to make all of Downtown LA a pedestrian-friendly urban center.

In addition to the residential units leasing briskly, One Santa Fe’s 78,000 square foot ground floor retail component — called The Yards — has also filled up quite nicely over the last year. Already the store list includes an impressive array of unique businesses including the Manhattan Beach grocery store Grow, vegan health conscious Cafe Gratitude, men’s boutique shop Wittmore, specialty shop from San Francisco Voyager, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream from New York, and high end cosmetics line Malin + Goetz.

Now, several new tenants have signed on that will help establish The Yards as a solid retail and dining destination befitting¬†the burgeoning Arts District’s unique urban vibe. Three new eateries have been added including: ediBOL, now open, offers a casual atmosphere with an international menu helmed by former Border Grill COO Andrea Uyeda; Opening this winter, AmazeBowls will be stocked with acai bowls and smoothies; Also opening this winter, Westbound will be a full-service restaurant and bar with a menu consisting of ceviche, seasonal salads, and other plates. And lastly, high-end salon BENJAMIN from West Hollywood will be opening its second location here at The Yards, which will apparently be the “first globally recognized, top-tier hair brand” to open in Downtown LA.

As an added bonus, check out this recent drone video below by Matt Gush that captures One Santa Fe with some amazing aerials showing off Downtown LA in all its new glory.

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  1. Mark says

    This video awesome forgot to say:

    “One of the ugliest residential structures in the world.”

    • ryan22 says

      Open your mind — this is the best new architecture to hit LA all decade.

  2. Paul says

    This area was not just “nothing” before it was built. It was built on Metros’ former parking lot, which also housed several facilities maintenance structures.

    • John G. says

      Setting “nothing” as your standard is a disservice to everyone and the city.

  3. Not a bad track record, considering how many people claimed it was destined to become – literally as well as figuratively – a white elephant.

  4. James says

    I wasn’t expecting the inner courtyard of the building to mostly be taken up by a surface parking lot. Only a tiny sliver is a pedestrian plaza. Pretty awful design from a pedestrian standpoint and right across from Sci-arc as well.

  5. Aaron says

    I swear some people are never pleased, everyone could EASILY make it much better. It sure as hell beats what was there 5 years ago.

  6. Mr Whitman says

    The more I visit 1 SantaFe, the more I like the design. But I was raised in the San Fernando Valley where all major streets are lined with boxy stucco apartment buildings.

  7. carlitosmontano says

    It is architecturally bland, but they worked with the space that they had. It must’ve been difficult to work with such a long sliver of land. I’m glad they developed it, and am happy that they are working with great restauranteurs and business owners to make this part of the Arts District more pedestrian-friendly and a destination in itself. I’ve been to Cafe Gratitude several times already, and love the energy going on over there. I wouldn’t live in this building, as I don’t like all my neighbors to be transplant hipsters, but am pleased to hear that it is almost completely full!

  8. John G. says

    With our low housing supply this project should have been twice as tall, or at least added a tower or two. NIMBYs continue to suppress growth and increase our housing expenses.

  9. RB84 says

    From what I understand, ‘twice as tall’ would’ve been impossible due to the coding in this area. They benefit from the building’s lenght. Also, if you build over a certain height wood-framing cannot be used. Steel makes construction more expensive, hence rents would probably have to be adjusted. (They’re already incredibly high.) But with many people working in DTLA, I assume that apartments in the area will remain very desirable. It sometimes really comes down to the commute – carving out 1-2 hrs per day might not work for everyone. Another massive apartment complex with +400 units will be built right next to SCIArc…so the area will continue to see a rapid growth.

  10. The Captain says

    Wow, yelpers really don’t like this place – even for yelp they don’t like it. A lot of reviews sound a lot like reviews of Palmer buildings…

    … but they managed to fill it within a year. A testament to LA’s housing shortage, I suppose.

    • ryan22 says

      what a shame that a building with such architectural and urban promise is not delivered or managed in a competent way….

  11. corner soul says

    Looks like a council estate in South London… can’t imagine why anyone would pay out the nose to live there. To each their own I suppose.

  12. D M Prada says

    It’s a nice video. I’m sure in due time the housing shortage will be addressed. I have to check out the website because I’m now curious. Thanks for sharing, Brigham.

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