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Breaking: NYC’s Shake Shack Opening in Downtown LA

The popular burger chain from New York, Shake Shack, will replace the current 801 Hill nightclub at 8th/Hill, opening in early 2017

Move over In-N-Out! If LA’s favorite homegrown burger chain absolutely refuses to open an urban store in Downtown LA (you can read more about why In-N-Out has decided not to open here), then we’ll be glad to embrace the East Coast counterpart — Shake Shack! Yes, those yummy (but kinda-pricey-compared-to-In-N-Out) burgers from New York City will be making their way to the southwest corner of 8th and Hill replacing the 801 Hill nightclub that currently operates in the space.

Shake Shack started as just a food cart outside New York’s Madison Square Park in 2000 and has grown over the last decade and a half to one of the most popular burger chains in the country with its first two new locations in the LA area opening this year in West Hollywood and Glendale. Downtown LA’s new Shake Shack restaurant in the Historic Core, which will be 3,000 square feet large, will be its actual first location in the City of Los Angeles.

Shake Shack is planning to begin construction on the restaurant by summer this year and looking to hopefully open sometime in early 2017. You may also remember that a brand new Sweetgreen will be opening next door.

Sweetgreen will also be opening next door to Shake Shack here on 8th Street in Downtown LA's Historic Core

Sweetgreen will also be opening next door to Shake Shack here on 8th Street in Downtown LA’s Historic Core

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  1. Sun Ra says

    I’d prefer a second outpost of Burgerlords in my humble opinion. Either way, this is great news.

  2. Jim White says

    Five Guys is on par with In-N-Out, and they’ve got several local spots – 27th Place between Figueroa and Flower, for one.

  3. Michael says

    As a former NY resident, I don’t see this lasting long… LA has way too many great burger joints and Shake Shack is good, but nothing to brag about.

  4. We’ve become addicted to fashionable, industrialized meat – be it poultry, pig, sheep or beef.
    Consider this: not even Al Gore will acknowledge the extent of methane produced in the production of industrialized meat. THAT extent, it’s equivalent in terms of carbon dioxide EXCEEDS the amount of carbon dioxide generated world wide by present day industry.

    If you’ve ever driven past a chicken or turkey farm, you KNOW what I mean. Al doesn’t want to talk about it because he and every environmental 501-C-3 all know that people simply do not want to hear about it, let alone deal with it.

  5. As a recent NYC transplant… I cant express enough how excited I am about this! Shake shack is delicious and will be a great addition to downtown.

  6. Andrew W. says

    Burgerlords in Chinatown tastes better than any Shake Shack burger!

    • corner soul says

      Thanks for the heads up… that place looks awesome (on yelp), I’ll have to check it out soon!

    • Please don’t insult the rest of us that hate hipsters. Shake Shack is FAR from a hipster joint. It’s one of the few things us NY’ERS have left that these morons haven’t ruined.

  7. LA La Land says

    All good in my book. Shake Shack is recognized name that will add to the list of reasons why people visit, shop, live, drink, eat… in DT. From what I remember, the previous tenant was a night club that sat empty and dark the great majority of the week.

  8. John Kelly says

    Shake Shack cooked up their burgers and fries about 7-8 years ago at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. This was a Friday night pre-party for Wolfgang Pucks American Wine and Food Festival which used to take place at Universal Studios. They were good, but didn’t consider them very special, and although they may be successful here, I doubt they will have any serious impact on In-n-Out or Five Guys, which is the niche they will be in.

  9. Just another over priced, over rated, trendy burger joint! Just like all the others! Once it opens, it’ll be the new Hotspot that everyone’s talking about. I only see this place lasting a couple years…5 at most!

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