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Shinola Flagship, Salt & Straw Ice Cream to Arts District in Downtown LA

3rd & Garey, an Art Deco warehouse from 1930, is being converted to a retail hub in Downtown LA's Arts District

No surprise here! The Arts District in Downtown LA continues to attract the most trendsetting brands and stores becoming downtown’s answer to red hot Abbot Kinney. That’s why I am happy to announce that two more exciting stores will be opening here this year confirmed to be in the northern section of the sprawling Arts District (aka “NoArDi”): watchmaker Shinola and Salt & Straw ice cream.

Over the last year and a half, 3rd & Garey — a beautiful Art Deco brick warehouse from 1930 owned by Parallel Acquisitions — has undergone seismic retrofitting to prepare for its new role as a retail and restaurant hub for the Arts District.

The historic building sits in the middle of all the action, accessible to the growing synergy of other stores and galleries setting up shop, including the new massive Hauser Wirth & Schimmel art gallery opening this year across the street in a former historic flour mill.

Shinola and Salt & Straw will both be opening on the 3rd Street side of the property (there is also more retail space on the Garey Street side) that will help activate this stretch of the block located across the street from other unique retailers like Poketo, Apolis: Common Gallery, and Alchemy Works.

Shinola will open a huge 5,000 square foot flagship store becoming the largest location currently on the West Coast. The newish company based in Detroit was founded in 2011 and is known for their watches, bikes, and leather goods. Opening next door will be Portland’s Salt & Straw bringing their famous ice cream to a space approximately 3,000 square feet large.

Both Shinola and Salt & Straw are planning to open later this year. Both Eater LA and Racked LA had previous reports that Shinola and Salt & Straw are coming to the Arts District.

Shinola and Salt & Straw will be opening at 3rd & Garey in Downtown LA's trendsetting Arts District later this year

Shinola and Salt & Straw will be opening at 3rd & Garey in Downtown LA’s trendsetting Arts District later this year

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  1. Lawrence says

    The renovations on this building look very nice. I walked past it for years and never noticed it and now its much more eye catching. The new businesses will inject some great street life onto this stretch, especially Salt & Straw, which seems to be super popular wherever it sets up shop.

  2. Michael says

    No Are Die… I’ve never heard a single soul refer to that area as “NoArDi” and I hope I never see it again. Please quit the tired buzzword neighborhood truncation.

    • Lawrence says

      Or you could just ignore and call the area whatever the hell you want. Although given its vast size and disparate clusters of activity, It wouldn’t be a shock to see some sub neighborhoods form over time.

    • Holder says

      A recent South Park episode lampooned the ridiculousness of doing this essentially saying it is the antithesis of hipster gentrification.

    • corner soul says

      Yeah, realtors have a way of coming up with lame monikers for neighborhoods (or should I say “microhoods”.) But then again, I don’t even like the term “DTLA”… maybe I’m just a grouch ;)

    • nomad says

      Yeah, that is quite cringe-worthy – Please stop, the area is not that vast or dense. But, yeah, good news.

    • Carlos says

      Yes – I agree. “NoArDi” sounds dumb. Stop trying so hard, and just let things be called what they already are. I expect this on Curbed LA, not here. The Arts District will always be the Arts District to me. As will the other parts of Downtown.

    • Susan says

      Been here for 16 years and have NEVER heard this- what is NoArDi??

  3. aaron says

    Get run over by Sonny on his skateboard district… lol

  4. Arty Nixon says

    “NoArDi”…. UGH. Who the F came up with that dumb ass name.

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