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Brigham Yen on FOX 11: Eighth Street is Downtown LA’s Next Hot Spot

Brigham Yen on Los Angeles' FOX 11 noon show discussing DTLA's exciting revitalization

Last week was so much fun! I was invited by local TV affiliate FOX 11 to come on their noon show to discuss my favorite subject, DTLA of course, and to share with viewers Downtown LA’s growing stature as the country’s most exciting up-and-coming urban center.

Here are the topics we covered on the show (check out video below):

  • The Arts District just keeps getting hotter and hotter with the opening of so many new businesses including blue chip gallery Hauser Wirth & Schimmel and indie art bookstore Hennessey and Ingalls
  • The next hot street in Downtown LA is most definitely 8th Street, which is now home to everything from Whole Foods to the future Shake Shack
  • And finally we discuss what’s happening with The Bloc (formerly Macy’s Plaza)

Thank you again so much to FOX 11 News!


  1. sebstian says

    no, it doesn’t work either. Maybe its my computer.

      • Chris De Pretis says

        Absolutely – and great call on LA Live as a night life highlight – once Oceanwide Plaza, the Circa Towers, and Olympic Tower are in place – LA Live will be the TIMES SQUARE of the WEST COAST

  2. Yes, all this is great, but what about the homeless problem? How can we live in a city with the constant panhandling and “bum attacks?” Have we forgotten what happened earlier this month with the poor Asian gentleman who was MURDERED by one of those mentally ill freaks free to roam the streets of D-T-L-A???????? Thank you Kirk Gaw for your valiant efforts to save him!!!!!!

    • Jake says

      One one cares about the homeless or feces or people who come to that next great hot spot, wake the residents, trash the sidewalks with vomit before going back to their own nice clean oasis.

  3. Hamlet says

    Great interview Brigham! I agree, In-N-Out better be listening as Shake Shack comes in!! hahaha

  4. Javier Garcia says

    You lucky guy surrounded by all those HOT girls! I want them to “interview” me please =)

  5. bme says

    Will Alamo Drafthouse be a part of The Bloc or were they not able to work through the structural engineering problems?

    • Everything I’m hearing says Alamo is out sadly. The ceiling height was just too low apparently.

      • bme says

        That’s a huge loss. You think they would’ve figured out the logistical feasibility before committing. Any rumors on who might take their place?

    • Chicagoan says

      First Trader Joe’s now Alamo bailing out of The Bloc??? This is sorely disappointing. This project has gone from super exciting to a let down in some ways.

  6. Whitman Lam says

    Maybe instead of a movie theater, they can turn the space into a live event / concert venue. Downtown L.A. already has a multiplex cinema at Regal LA Live. A live event / concert venue can bring more guests to the Sheraton Hotel above. Maybe a Cirque du Soleil show.

  7. Larry Jenkins says

    Great interview Brigham. Happy to see so many projects making its way through the city. “DTLA” was once nothing more than a pipedream.

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