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New Fly-Thru Video Shows Off Massive Oceanwide Downtown LA Project

The highly anticipated $1 billion Oceanwide Plaza is under construction across from Staples Center slated for a late 2018 completion (Photo: Oceanwide Plaza)

One of the most exciting mega projects under construction right now in Downtown LA is the massive Oceanwide Plaza being built on Figueroa directly across the street from the Staples Center. The $1 billion project is really the missing bookend to LA Live, a project by AEG completed in 2010 that focused almost exclusively on restaurants and nightlife venues leaving out the all-important retail component that attracts shoppers. An exciting new fly-through video has been released by Chinese developer Oceanwide showcasing the project’s flashy¬†two-story ground-floor commercial space — now aptly named The Collection at Oceanwide Plaza — that will likely be filled in with a slew of new upscale retailers and restaurants, especially if the uber-upscale Park Hyatt signs on as the project’s hotel operator.

Oceanwide Plaza will hopefully be a bit more retail-oriented in a downtown still struggling to achieve a cohesive shopping experience. We have a lot of smaller pockets of retail forming (i.e., 9th/Broadway, FIGat7th/The Bloc, Little Tokyo/Arts District, etc.), but we need a lot more retail infill to bridge neighborhoods together as well as to become a regional shopping hub that competes favorably with other strong retail destinations like Santa Monica or Pasadena. The new updated fly-through video gives us a glimpse into what direction the complex will take, which fortunately does seem to focus more on attracting retail stores.

When completed in late 2018, Oceanwide Plaza will add about 153,000 square feet of retail space to the burgeoning Figueroa corridor, which includes other large-scale projects like Circa and Shenzhen Hazens’ W Hotel project (hopefully Marriott won’t get rid of W if it acquires Starwood!). The Kennedy Wilson team, including DTLA broker Justin Weiss, will be handling the leasing of the project.

Given the project’s tourist-friendly location across from the LA Convention Center/Staples Center, I would expect to see businesses that cater to out-of-town visitors as the primary target demographic. Nevertheless, I would love to see a mix of high quality chains/indies that would also attract local SoCal residents, including downtown residents, to come shop and hang out.

Check out the video below (including what the Flower Street will look like).

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  1. Carmen says

    Can we start with the name? I hate the name oceanwide plaza.

    By the way, can we start a campaign to do something beautiful with the 110 underpass that brings people in to dtla on Olympic Blvd. that place is a mess, it should look grand, inviting. It shouldn’t be littered with regal la live popcorn tubs and homeless encampments.

    • Jon says

      Yes! Like the 110 underpass at Jefferson near USC.

    • Jared says

      It’s dark and scary underneath there. (Imagine if you lived on the other side and just wanted to walk across to watch a movie but were too afraid to?) They could add some bright lights and some mural artwork along the walls to make it less brutal.

      • Carmen says

        I always feel bad for the ladies who work at the restaurants who have to park on the other side of the bridge because their Employers do not provide parking. They have to walk by homeless tents and a strong urine stench, it’s so dark down there you won’t even know if you’re about to step on poop. We could start by adding a great neon light welcoming people to downtown LA, maybe a few recessed lights overhead to illuminate under the bridge, and Ho about sweeping once in a while.

  2. Brian J Cornelius says

    Its a mall, without any real advance in thinking over every other mall. But its nice to see another such grand investment in DTLA. Good luck with the leasing.

    • Whitman Lam says

      Yes, Brian, it’s a shopping mall. But it’s really the 1st Full Size Mall in Downtown L.A. where you can find a good selection of retail stores. That has been missing in DTLA since the 60’s when the last big department stores closed.

  3. Nick says

    Beautiful!!!! Will be exciting to see Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Rolex and other high end retailers including a 2nd (smaller than Broadway) Apple store open here.

    • corner soul says

      I’m pretty excited for Ron Segal and the Amidas store in the rendering ;)

  4. Phillip says

    Another inward-facing shopping mall? Zzzz

    • Jared says

      The video shows outward facing retail frontage mostly along Fig. It’s a little sleepy on the Flower Street side (I counted one store front?), but I guess the residents would appreciate being close to the action without being in it.

    • Christopher says

      It looks to be inward and outward facing.

  5. Alex Chan says

    This is soooo awesome! I can’t wait until this and CIRCA and everything else in South Park is finished! I hope we can get Trader Joe’s finally.

  6. Kerry says

    I’ll reserve judgment until this is finished. I remember the hype about L.A. Live that turned out to be a pretty big disappointment. Although I do agree it would be nice to have more stores than just overpriced restaurants at L.A. Live.

  7. Archie says

    Good luck with this. It looks just like a giant mall and like LA Live. Do any local people really shop or eat at LA Live? Sure it’s busy after a game or a concert at Staples, but so many times that I go by there it’s pretty empty, especially in the day. I wonder how all those restaurants and shops are really doing in there. I still can’t get over how LA Live buried the Regal movie theatre way down there by the 110, when the complex could really use the life closer to Figueroa. I love downtown, especially what’s happening organically around Broadway and 9th, but this seems so lacking in imagination and style. And who are all those fit, slim little robots in the crowds in the video? Sorry, but I wouldn’t even want to go there.

    • Carmen says

      I live across the street from LA Live. Yes, when there are events it is certainly congested, and it certainly is easier to get a table in the earlier hours. But, I think it was a great idea to bury Regal cinemas away from Figueroa, that theater shows a lot of children’s movies and unfortunately a lot of today’s parents aren’t very vigilant about watching their kids while getting movie tickets. Drivers are way more impatient at the Olympic/Figueroa intersection, I can imagine there would be some problems. What LA Live is missing are desirable shops. We need a Sephora, an Apple Store, a Nike store. People love to shop and grab a bite. We need new restaurants, toms urban is disgusting with horrible service, yardhouse gets more disgusting with every visit.

  8. Paul wright says

    At first I thought, oh God another mall. But after looking at the video several times, I can honestly say I love it. Figueroa has shops and or restaurants facing the street with a nice, wide sidewalk. The interior is not fully enclosed which is nice and its just what this entire LA Live area needs. And to think this is just the beginning. The carwash replacement, the JW Marriott expansion, Cira, Lux replacement, this area will be pulsating with lots of energy in the coming years.

  9. Clark says

    Yes, it’s a mall. But an open air environment with wide plazas opening to the street with street front commercial space. Not a regional enclosed mall surrounded by a parking lot.
    I’m certainly not going to bash an investor coming in and taking a parking lot and turning it into something grand like this.

    This is what the Grand Avenue Project was supposed be to 10 years ago and still hasn’t broken ground. Thank goodness somebody is replacing these parking lots with activity.

    Let LA Live his it’s dining scene and let the shopping be across the street. It will all go hand in hand with each other.
    Oh – and enough about Trader Joe’s already, it’s as overrated as Oprah Winfrey.

  10. LA La Land says

    100% well said Clark.
    Although— TJ more overrated than OW? That is bold! My ideal would to see smaller specialty markets pop up around town. A few local butcher, deli, bread & cheese, produce, beer wine & spirit markets or whatever combo of any would be great to see.

    LA Live can be dead at times but it still has not been fully developed out as intended by its developers and stakeholders. This project is a complementary portion of LA Live that will add to the elements already in place. The addition of hotel, living, office, and retail space to the already in place restaurant and entertainment component will likely create exponential growth in the area. I do not understand why anyone would think that this project being erected from a flat blacktop parking lot would contribute further to the fact that LA LIve can be “empty” at times.

    Further, LA Live really is a great space for accommodating all the events that take place there. The large open spaces, which make it seem emptier than it is at times, really comes to life when events are held there. I also love holiday months when they have the tree and ice skating. If these venues were sitting just about anywhere else in LA they would be completely dead and surrounded by huge empty parking lots the great majority of the time.

  11. Julian says

    Wow, that looks awesome! When I get back down to L.A I am going to conduct my own walking tour of downtown L.A. I love the way downtown is going through a resurgent renaissance.

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