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Paris Baguette Bakery to Join Shake Shack in Downtown LA

The first DTLA Paris Baguette bakery will be opening at 8th/Hill next to Shake Shack and Sweetgreen in 2017

In another sign that the 8th Street corridor is seriously becoming the next hot spot in Downtown LA (check out my recent interview about 8th Street on the FOX 11 noon show), another favorite eatery will be making its way to the corner of 8th and Hill. Paris Baguette, a bakery that was actually founded in South Korea in 1986, has signed a lease to open its first DTLA location next to the upcoming Shake Shack and Sweetgreen, which are also currently two of the most sought after restaurants in the country. Now adding Paris Baguette bakery to the mix will really sweeten things up even more.

The new Paris Baguette store will be sandwiched in between the aforementioned Shake Shack and Sweetgreen along 8th Street, taking up the remaining approximately 2,000 square feet of retail space according to Rob Galanti, Senior Vice President of Leasing at L&R, the building’s ownership. The current tenant still operating in the building is the 801 Hill nightclub, which will be vacating later this summer (possibly by late August) to allow the landlord to begin work on the needed utilities infrastructure the restaurants will need to begin their own build-out work.

Paris Baguettes have become popular gathering spots in locations throughout the Los Angeles area, serving up their decadent wide selection of French/Asian pastries, sweet desserts, and coffee and tea drinks (including Taiwanese boba). Being South Korean-based, the international bakery opened their first store in the US here in LA’s Koreatown back in 2005 and has been growing steadily around the country with locations now in NYC, Boston, Philly, the Bay Area, Las Vegas, and even Atlanta.

Construction on Paris Baguette will begin by spring of next year (possibly earlier). Once all three restaurants (Shake Shack, Paris Baguette, and Sweetgreen) eventually open in late 2017, the entire block between Olive and Hill — along with the new Freehand Hotel, which will also be open by 2017 — will feel completely different going from desolate and dreary to vibrant and exciting!

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  1. Shahbaz says

    Good news for sure. Asian bakeries are sorely missed in DTLA (outside of Little Tokyo). I see there is an 85°C Bakery opening up at the corner of Wilshire and Hope. This Paris Baguette will only add to the options available for tasty Asian desserts! Perhaps more of these will open with the Chinese development projects in South Park opening in the next few years?

    • Whitman Lam says

      They have several Asian bakeries in Chinatown. They’re actually quite good, and cheap too.

  2. Lee says

    Late 2017?? I thought it was supposed to be this summer! :(

  3. Don Droga says

    Shame it’s not a real French bakery. I’d appreciate a decent baguette non GMO.

    • Hi Don, if you are looking for a “real” French bakery, there is actually one up the street called Pitchoun at 6th/Olive. You can read more about it on DTLA Rising’s coverage:

      Also, the best urban centers have wide and diverse options for all people’s preferences, especially when it comes to food. When it comes to a city as cosmopolitan as Los Angeles (seriously one of the most diverse cities on earth), our downtown should reflect the various backgrounds this city is home to.

  4. WAHHHHH!!! This just keeps getting better and better! I can’t believe we’re getting a Paris Baguette…one of my favorites. : )

  5. Nick says

    Wow. I thought Shake Shack was closer to opening, too. I thought they were already working on that building. Oh well. Guess end of 2017 isn’t that far off.

  6. JDRCRASHER says

    Wow can’t wait; also good to hear about 85* opening up!

    Now if DTLA were to just get a Porto’s… my god.

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