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Flagship Footaction with Nike Kicks Lounge Coming to Downtown LA

A brand new Footaction flagship store, which will include the new Nike Kicks Lounge, is slated to open in late 2016 on Broadway in Downtown LA

The painfully slow revitalization of Broadway continues. First reported on CAN, I am happy to report more details that a prominent national chain is finally taking over a dilapidated structure — known by many as the “Blue Jeans” building — located at 749 S Broadway near the up-and-coming 8th and Broadway intersection where the Apple Store rumors still persist. A new retail concept from Foot Locker is slated to open here that will hopefully continue to nudge other retailers to open along Broadway in Downtown LA.

About two weeks ago in early July, construction began on the conversion of the Blue Jeans building into what will become the new flagship store for Footaction. This won’t be an ordinary Footaction store but a newer concept that combines three different brands under one roof. The four-story building (five including the basement) will include Footaction, Kicks Lounge, and Flight 23.

For many sneaker lovers, they’ll be happy to see Kicks Lounge, which is a special collaboration between Nike and Foot Locker. Kicks Lounge is considered a specialty store with exclusive Nike sneakers not found in other locations. Flight 23 will carry all Jordan sneakers (as the name would suggest) and Footaction will carry all other sneaker brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Under Armor, etc.

With each floor spanning about 6,700 square feet, the entire building will be upgraded and modernized. Apparently in the 1930s, Lerner Shops (aka New York & Company) occupied the space, creating the current minimally designed facade in the 1940s. Footaction will restore the facade including the burned out lights that once illuminated the structure. In addition, the facade will receive a much-needed fresh coat of paint (likely their trademark grey and black colors). Most exciting will be a brand new dramatic blade sign that will replace the current “Blue Jeans” blade sign attached to the right side of the building.

The new Downtown LA Footaction flagship store is slated to open hopefully in time for the holidays.

The new Footaction flagship concept with Kicks Lounge opened on 34th Street in Manhattan in Feb 2015 (Photo: Footaction)

The new Footaction flagship concept with Kicks Lounge opened on 34th Street in Manhattan in Feb 2015 (Photo: Footaction)

Lerner Shops on Broadway circa 1948 (Photo: Julius Shulman via Getty)

Lerner Shops on Broadway circa 1948 (Photo: Julius Shulman via Getty)

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  1. Jake says

    The Holidays ?? I live across the street and they are throwing plywood at 5:30am like is opening tomorrow? Welcome, I guess.

  2. Paul wright says

    Slowly but surely things are changing on Broadway. Thank god it’s not a fake outlet store. This is exciting news.

  3. Bob D says

    Welcome indeed. But concerning the painfully slow revitalization aspect of the article, I think we can learn from 3rd Street Promenade, Pasadena, Culver City and Beverly Hills….if there is limited or expensive parking people won’t drive to retail. All 4 of the above share that one key element…reasonably cheap or free parking for retail And certainly not a patch-work of retail as the change needs to be more dramatic. The May Co project will most likely provide that to Broadway; a significant amount of retail in one area. Then visitors will spill out to the rest of DTLA retail. In 2040, maybe we can lose the parking as public transportation will be on par with other major downtowns and the DTLA population will exceed 100,000. Cheers

    • Allen Kirkland says

      I totally agree with the parking situation! You can go/drive to 3rd st promenade and park with ease and no hassle. In DTLA the parking fees are outrageous! The city needs at least 2 anchor parking structures with restroom facilities. (I am familiar with how many people come from out of town and those people do need to use toilets lol , if you go to any retail establishment not one validates parking or has a restroom for customers.
      I always thought Apple would end up leasing this location for some reason, but I do love this FootAction/Nike thing!!

      • corner soul says

        I’m with you on the bathroom situation… but parking, meh. Plenty of that downtown.

        • There are plenty of parking spaces downtown….for a price. People prefer to park for really cheap or free. In Beverly Hill, surrounded by people who makes millions, the parking is still 2 hours free to shop on Rodeo Drive. Not saying downtown won’t attract people without cheap parking (obviously there are still people coming down here), but it certainly doesn’t help drive MORE people to come downtown, especially at night when taking public transit is not as feasible. Perhaps Uber is more important to downtown’s future vitality at night than the Red Line will be?

    • Boris says

      This is a strange comment. What is the most obvious difference between Broadway and the other LA shopping districts? The others have no transit access, and few people living or working in walking distance. Broadway is in the center of a multi billion dollar regional rail system, crossed by dozens of bus lines, walking distance to 75,000 residents and walking distance to 500,000 weekday workers, plus dozens of hotels and a convention center.

      It would be disastrous to create a subsidized parking regime for Broadway. It would require the destruction of historic properties, increase single occupant driver traffic, and still would not provide the “suburban” experience you seem to think is necessary for a successful shopping district. DTLA is better than that.

  4. Allen Kirkland says

    Just looked up Nike kicks lounge on the internet and I gotta say Good Job who ever made this happen!
    By the way where is Kirk Gaw?

  5. sebstian says

    I agree, why is Broadway sow slow in redeveloping and other parts of downtown are going up in 1 to 2 years. We’re going now on 15 years? When is the whole sidewalk going to be replaced like promised. We need more news too Brig, one posting a week doesn’t cut it.

    • I Like Buildings says

      This is very good question. From my limited review of some potential deals, I found several of these properties have tenants that still have 10+ years left on leases so if you bought the building now, you have to buy-out the current tenants as well OR just wait them out.

      But more importantly, it seems like a lot of the current owners bought these building for super-cheap in the 1980s so they have a very low basis. That means that these buildings are cash cows for the current owners and the current owners have a minimal amount of work to do. If the current owners sell, they have to buy a new building with a stepped-up property tax bill to pay. A lot of owners will stay with the status quo.

      Also, a lot of the current owners have widely inaccurate views of what their buildings are worth. They are asking for prices that equal fully renovated, leased-up buildings and don’t want to hear that their buildings are worth considerably less because the buildings are a mess and only the ground floors are leased.

      Basically, what the current owners are willing to sell for and what the current buyers are willing to pay are too far part to bridge. With that said, I don’t know why the owners along Broadway seem to be such an impediment compared to the rest of Downtown’s long-term owners. Maybe since Broadway buildings still make money while others not on Broadway were losing money?

  6. Restore, rather than replace that facade? Ew, even the original looks horrible. Needs windows

    • Allen Kirkland says

      Hey JJJJ why don’t you contact the company or whoever owns the building and tell them you are willing to pay for the new facade with Windows. At least these people brought us a class A tenant not an outlet. What have you done for DTLA ?

      • Andrew says

        What a useless contribution. You don’t need to be intimately involved in something to form and offer an opinion on it. Can you not judge the appearance of a car without being a car designer? Can you not evaluate a politician’s policy proposals without being a politician/political insider? Can you not have an opinion on the competence of a professional athlete if you’re just a regular Joe? What a strange bar you’ve set for people.

      • Congrats Allen, that may have been the worst comment Ive seen this month. And I read a Yahhoo news article.

  7. I Love Juan Garcia says

    Broadway still feels like the shittiest part of Tijuana MEXICO. This is what the council guy “promised” downtown in his ten year plan?

    • Jake says

      I’m sure next door Shiekh Shoes is thrilled about this new addition. Its not going to down the block, its right next door lol.

      Not that anyone goes there now other than for the few big sneaker releases anyway but still.

    • Sayf says

      Agree. Still look like third word nation anywhere below Hill street (save some area in spring street): Graffiti, run-down building and swap meet looking stores, the smell of urine, and homeless , there is a big elephant in room on Broadway which need to be addressed before people who can walk and spend their money safely without all of the concerns.

  8. Stop the Madness! says

    IF you want to speed up development of Broadway, the city of LA needs to make it much easier for landlords and tenants to renovate buildings quickly and without a lot of red tape. The city of LA building department is not helpful to developers who want to turn their buildings around. I can tell you from personal experience that the building department is a nightmare to deal with. There is so much anti-development red tape that it wastes time. Case in point:

    LA: Oh, you want to bring in a great tenant to open up a shop on Broadway and totally remodel the building? That will require you to secure 20 parking spots.

    Developer: Where will I get 20 parking spots for a 1929 building with no parking?

    LA: Oh, you can lease those 20 spots at a lot, or have an agreement with a lot to provide parking — just prove to us that you can secure the spots — or you will not be able to remodel.

    Developer: But, that 20 spots will cost us $8000 per month, for parking that no one will really use.

    LA: Those are the city ordinances, we cannot change them.

    Developer: Once public transit is in place, will we be able to forgo these parking spots?

    LA: No, you will need to maintain these spots for the entirety of the retail occupancy.

    • The city of la is so fucking backwards it’s not even funny. I commend huizar for TRYING to support businesses in dtla, but even he can’t do much given how deeply rooted the red tape is in this fake ass city. What a fucking embarrassment it is when cities like sf and seattle seem to get it right. Broadwy needs help bad.

  9. JDRCRASHER says

    Wasn’t this building originally an old theater WAAY back?

    • Allen Kirkland says

      No it wasn’t , it was an office building with a great facade until someone with no vision or class decided to cover it.

  10. Allen Kirkland says

    They just put up a cool billboard sign. Brigham should change his pic

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