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Pinch Myself: Halal Guys is Coming to Downtown LA!

The very popular Halal Guys is planning to open their first DTLA location in 2017, replacing the Brigade LA store (left)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the original Halal Guys from New York, which started out in 1990 at 53rd and 6th Ave in the heart of Midtown. The first time I tried it back in 2003, I became a fan immediately. Even so, to be frank, I was skeptical that they could translate those delicious platters of chicken and gyro meat with rice to a brick and mortar format and still be able to keep that authentic “street cart” flavor intact. Boy, was I glad I was wrong. After trying multiple Halal Guys in various places (Costa Mesa, Koreatown, and even Las Vegas), I’ve consistently enjoyed it every time. It’s become one of my favorite go-to spots for fast and delicious casual food that always hits the spot. That’s why I’m SUPER excited Halal Guys is planning to open their first DTLA location next year here along 7th Street!

As many of you know, I’ve been impatiently waiting for more casual and affordable food options here in Downtown LA. I’ve complained about the lack of restaurants that local residents, like myself, can patronize that is both good and won’t hurt the wallet. Well, I definitely consider the arrival of Halal Guys to be a solid addition that will cater not only to the weekend bar crowd, but also the full-time residents in downtown.

Located on the ground floor of The Mandel Lofts near 7th and Olive, Halal Guys will replace the former Brigade LA retail clothing store, which is relocating its upscale fashion brands to a larger new store at LA Live on Olympic Blvd. According to commercial broker Eon Lew who represented both Halal Guys and the landlord in the deal, the space is approximately 1,700 square feet large. The new Halal Guys will be a great, great addition to 7th Street’s “restaurant row” and will be located just a few doors down from the venerable Bottega Louie. Every Halal Guys I’ve been to has been wildly popular, so expect this one to be an instant hit as well, helping to further activate this stretch of the block.

Expect Halal Guys in Downtown LA to open sometime in 2017.

I can't wait for Halal Guys to open their first DTLA location! (Photo: Peter Genovese)

I can’t wait for Halal Guys to open their first DTLA location! (Photo: Peter Genovese)

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  1. Linnard Lane says

    Hey Brigham,
    Halal guys will be dynamite there. I think Eon repped the Landlord though.

  2. When I see the word “halal”, I always recall a video I accidenty saw on youtube. Google “halal cruelty” and you might find it. I am not trying to troll here, some things simply cannot be unseen.

    • Allen Kirkland says

      Well why don’t you watch the documentary (food Inc) or many other ones that shed light on the meat, fruit,vegetables etc.. That we consume and how cruel these factories and industries treat our valuable cows, chicken and poor little pigs. Yea you probably watched a video of a slaughterhouse of a third world country and it probably sickening to watch. But do yourself a favor and Google health benefits of Halal meat.

    • corner soul says

      Looks like they serve falafel as well… tasty and cruelty free.

  3. This is really close by to that fucked up 7-11 around the corner too with that ugly-ass fence. How do you get rid of the drunk assholes and criminals without making it look ugly???

  4. DTLA Denizen says

    I love Halal Guys!! Can’t wait for them to open in DTLA!

  5. Jennifer says

    OMGGGG I am going to gain more weight I just know it!!! Heeeeeeee!!! :)

  6. Aaron G. says

    I can never get enough of the “white sauce” haha Welcome to the neighborhood Halal Guys!

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