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Chipotle to Open Second Downtown LA Store in South Park

Chipotle is planning open their second DTLA location here at South Park by Windsor at Olympic/Hill

As a resident of South Park, I can tell you that one of the hardest things about living here is the lack of casual, affordable food options to choose from (especially for dinner). A wide variety of fast casual restaurants that other communities take for granted are pretty much absent here in many parts of Downtown LA. It makes living downtown inconvenient as I frequently feel like I have to leave downtown just to grab a quick bite to eat for dinner. That, to me, totally defeats the purpose of living in an urban center where the idea of walking downstairs easily from your mixed-use residence and being able to choose from a wide variety of eateries should be a normal and standard process. Of course, I have to remind myself many times that DTLA is still a fledgling and growing urban center and has not matured quite yet. With all the being said, that’s why I’m super excited that a new Chipotle is planning to open in South Park soon.

The new Chipotle will be opening at South Park by Windsor (formerly known as Hanover South Park) located on the northwest corner of Olympic and Hill Street. The 281-unit rental apartment property, which was completed in March 2015, has been filling up with some cool ground floor retail tenants including an upscale bridal and gown shop by designer Walter Mendez, and more recently, a new make-up and eyelash studio called Lucy Hart Ink. This will be the second Chipotle to open in Downtown LA with the original location at 7th and Grand Ave having opened almost 6 years ago. The approximately 2,000 square foot space faces Hill Street adjacent to the rental property’s lobby and leasing office.

Some people, I predict, will lament that a “chain!” is opening instead of an independent mom and pop. Personally, I think that way of thinking is not only unrealistic, but limiting as well. First of all, it is impossible to prevent all chains from being able to do business in a community as diverse and expansive as Downtown LA. Second of all, a truly great urban center should generally have a wide variety of options — chains and indies, cheap and expensive, and everything in between — that cater to many, many people’s tastes and preferences — both yours and mine. That would make Downtown LA truly livable, give it a balanced character, and attractive to a wider range of demographics (not just hipsters, vegans, or those who just really love their expensive coffee).

Look for the new DTLA Chipotle to serve up their burrito bowls sometime next year in 2017.

Located at Olympic/Hill, South Park by Windsor is a 281-unit rental property that opened in early 2015

Located at Olympic/Hill, South Park by Windsor is a 281-unit rental property that opened in early 2015

Other ground floor retail businesses

Having opened in June 2015, Walter Mendez is an aspiring designer who has dressed celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Maria Menounos

Having opened in June 2015, Walter Mendez is an LA-based designer who has dressed celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Maria Menounos

Lucy Hart Ink specializes in permanent brow make-up, eyelash extensions, and even tattoo removals

Lucy Hart Ink specializes in permanent brow make-up, eyelash extensions, and even tattoo removals

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  1. Carmen says

    This would’ve been great 4 years ago, before they started poisoning people.

    • Nick says

      Yep. This. I’ll never go back to them after how flippant they acted during their rampant food poisoning cases. I don’t care if they’ve been given a clean bill of health. They lied, downplayed, and basically didn’t care that they were making hundreds of people sick in locations all over the country.

      No thanks… I’ll spend my dollars elsewhere. As a neighbor, I’m not psyched they’re coming in close to my place.

  2. Good to see. Not a fan but good to see more of these types of restaurants.

  3. corner soul says

    Chipotle makes a pretty weak mission burrito. Wake me when El Farolito or Taqueria Cancun open an LA outpost ;)

    ALSO, re: chains vs. mom and pop. I think the root of the problem is the economy (both politically and economically) is rigged in favor of large corporations. Lots of things could be done locally to try and address that (smarter zoning, eliminating subsidies for chains, compelling local banks to offer the same low lending rates to mom and pops that formula retailers get, etc. etc. etc.)

    But I’m not holding my breath.

    • “Lots of things could be done locally to try and address that (smarter zoning, eliminating subsidies for chains”

      Can you please provide a source that chains are getting subsidies?

      “compelling local banks to offer the same low lending rates to mom and pops that formula retailers get, etc. etc. etc.)”

      Yes, because messing with bank lending standards has been shown to work so well in the past. Why should an unproven mom and pop store get the same lending rates as an entity with a larger balance sheet? It’s a credit quality concern, not some industry out to get smaller retailers.

  4. It’s such welcome news to hear that one of the large unit’s in this building’s retail level is going to transform to a popular restaurant like Chipotle! Especially, in this neighborhood!

  5. Lawrence says

    Good addition to this area that will better serve those working and living in South Park, which is gradually gaining a distinct identity. I think people forget that chains often start as independent businesses and because so many American cities are suburban in setup, we associate big box stores and chains with the blandness that comes with the suburban format. In an urban context, however, these businesses help contribute to making a community livable in addition to the cool independent spots. It’s not an either or game but has become one in this country because we forgot how to build urban spaces sometime after 1945. Many of the beautiful buildings that occupy Broadway housed what were considered chains at that time (Owl Drug Co., Bond Clothiers, Silverwood’s), but I doubt folks in 1930’s were lamenting their existence. They were just happily shopping.

  6. Veronica says

    This is very exciting news!! If you live downtown, you know that during rush hours, it’s nearly impossible to drive around and grab a quick dinner. Anything that makes this neighborhood more walkable and provides more choices is a welcome addition!

  7. LA La Land says

    I’ll take it. Even if I’m not a fan— easy, cheap, and decent go a long way on this side of town. Also, I would think that it will help lay some groundwork for other similar eateries to come in. Really liked the point you made regarding the need for “chain” along with mom and pop. Thanks Mr. Yen.

    • Chipotle is bland and boring. Everything tastes the same. And more importantly, this location is a mere 4 1/2 blocks from the existing location at 7th and Grand. We need more variety of fast casual dining, not another “chain” location of a mediocre brand.

      • LA La Land says

        I agree regarding bland and boring. Simple and affordable is what makes this an option for me. As much as I would love to have EVERY meal I eat be complex in its flavors, textures, and setting, that is just so far from reality. I think in an urban sprawl the 4 1/2 block proximity would be odd. In my experience though, big urban centers all over the world have the same brand restaurant/retailer/business within an even tighter proximity.
        I guess time will tell…

        • Nick says

          You’re doing life wrong… And I don’t think it’s hard to make eating a pleasurable experience. I mean, we only do it a handful of times every day. What’s so wrong enjoying those few precious minutes we have to eat? I mean, it’s not like it’s hard to eat food that actually meets the criteria on your list and be full of flavors and textures that you enjoy. Christ, that sounds a bit Orwellian, I admit, but you’re about a spoonful of mundane away from drinking your protein enriched meals nightly when they’re prescribed.

          How’s that for garish over-complication of a fast food restaurant?

  8. Chris De Pretis says

    Well said — great point about the need for a diversity of services.

  9. Holder says

    Is it just me or is this pointless. It’s so close the the other location. Is 3 blocks really to far to walk? I don’t think this solves your problem of choices to walk to, Bingham (unless 3 blocks really is too far to walk). I think there is definitely space for another one, the original is soooo busy during lunch, but they should’ve gone for LA Live adjacent, Bunker Hill or Civic center.

    • Nick says

      No, it’s Hanover South Park. Brigham doesn’t get out too much. I think he was confused by the “by Windsor” statement on Hanover’s windows… But, yeah, Windsor is the parent company. As someone who walks by it daily, and has plenty of time to read those signs thanks to having a little dog that loves, and I mean LOVES, to poop in those planters (yes, it gets cleaned up… We’re not one of THOSE dog owners), it’s definitely Hanover South Park ;)

      On a side note, thanks to Chipotle, there will probably be a lot more food items to keep my dog from picking up on his hunts through the foliage there. I mean, there’s no way I’m letting him eat their food… He already gets food poisoned enough from the random stuff I try and keep out of his mouth.

      • Hi Nick, thanks for your comment. Double checking with the leasing staff, I confirmed the name of the apartment building had been changed when Windsor acquired the property over a year ago. The official name is South Park by Windsor, which is also plastered all over the windows facing the street (hard to miss). Here’s their website:

        • Haha, touch√©, Brigham. I just walked by and sure enough, the only reference to Hanover South Park was at the garage. I admit naming defeat.

  10. Steven Chen says

    I eat at Chipotle and never got food poisoning (thank god). I like their burritos way more than Ocho. I work on Bunker Hill and wish they opened on here. Sorry but I hate Ocho and I have to walk down to the on one 7th Street when I have more time.

  11. Norm Deplum says

    Get used to the chains over the mom and pop’s. Upcoming $15 minimum wage law favors the big corporations who can absorb with automation and economies of scale.

    • corner soul says

      Plenty of ways to cut costs for small biz owners in LA without shifting the burden to the working class via poverty wages.

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