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New Footaction and Kicks Lounge Open on Broadway in Downtown LA

The new Footaction store near 8th and Broadway is another retail win for the rising historic thoroughfare

Sneakerheads rejoice! The brand new Footaction with Nike Kicks Lounge opened today December 18 on Broadway in Downtown LA. The store coming to Downtown LA’s most significant historical street¬†was announced this past summer in July while the store took only about 5 months to complete build out just in time for the holidays. What was previously a lower-end discount clothing store that still sadly defines much of Broadway today, has been transformed into a polished storefront that stands in complete contrast to most of its immediate surroundings near 8th and Broadway.

The historic 1930’s four story structure at 749 S Broadway, known formerly as the “Blue Jeans” building, has been restored after falling into decades of dilapidation. Above the storefront, the window-less vertical zigzag looking facade — once tattered and peeling green paint — has been painted a light grey color matching the Footaction branding theme. An exciting new vertical neon sign is also supposed to be eventually installed on the right-hand side of the building supporting the effort to make Broadway a glimmering neon district once again. The actual street level looks fantastic with new sparkling windows showing what Broadway could eventually look like all the way through with enough time.

The 6,700 square foot store on the ground level is divided into two parts. On the left side of the store is Footaction selling a variety of clothing and sneaker brands including Nike, Adidas, and Asics. On the right side of the store is a Nike Kicks Lounge, which is considered a specialty store selling exclusive Nike gear. The two sides are connected internally with a large open doorway that promotes customers to shop on both sides.

The rest of the building above, although not open to the public, makes this store a unique flagship concept within the Footaction chain. From the second to the fourth floor will be lounges and event spaces that will host, for example, parties and media launches for sports teams and exclusive branding events.

The new Downtown LA Footaction store is the seventh location in the Los Angeles metro area. The downtown store is also located directly next door to a competitor Shiekh sneaker store, which I view as complementary to each other since it will attract more people looking to buy sneakers. Check out the Shiekh store inside, which is pretty impressive as well.

To see what the building used to look like in its original 1930’s condition as the New York’s Lerner Shops, click here.

A new vertical neon sign will be installed on the right hand side of the building in the near future

The Footaction side of the store

Sneakerheads will love the new Footaction in Downtown LA

An internal doorway connects Footaction to Kicks Lounge

The Nike Kicks Lounge side of the store

“Do It In L.A.”

I love the Downtown LA mural personalizing the DTLA store

The new Footaction store opening is another glimpse into the bright future of Bringing Back Broadway

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  1. Allen Kirkland says

    This is a legitimate awesome plus for Broadway DTLA. I think the addition of this tenant will help lure more A1 tenants. You have to give the owners prop for bringing this awesome addition. I was there today and gotta say it was a nice experience. I hope this company does tremendous business!!

  2. South Park Resident says

    I love it!! Broadway is on the up for sure! Keep it comin’

  3. David says

    I wonder what the neon sign is going to look like? Now we’ll have TWO cool signage districts: LA Live area and Broadway!

  4. Would love to see what it looks like at night with, what I think I see, are recess roof lighting.

  5. Mike Chen says

    The Shiekh store next door needs to redo their ugly ass glass mirror facade! LOL

  6. Abu Sayf says

    what a big eyesore to see graffiti and poorly maintained buildings are over broadway? Can’t the city do something about it? Like penalizing the property owner for not taking care of their property.

    • Norm Deplum says

      Yeah. Good news is the Merrit building next door was recently purchased. Nothing firm but speculation is that it will become a boutique hotel.

      • Allen Kirkland says

        Your right, the west side 700 block of Broadway is looking good!

  7. Allen Kirkland says

    I was just there a while ago and have to admit, I love their products, the kicks lounge is actually a Nike Store which I fell in love with. I recommend this place!

  8. sebstian says

    Why did the store next door cover the building with glass, that’s awkward. They should be showing the architecture of the building not cover it.

  9. Allen Kirkland says

    I heard the new neon sign is coming soon, anyone have any information?

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