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Blue Bottle Coffee Opens in Downtown LA’s Historic Bradbury Building

Blue Bottle opens its second DTLA location (outside Arts District) inside the historic 1893 Bradbury Building at 3rd and Broadway

Back in June 2015, we reported the exciting news that Blue Bottle Coffee was coming to the Bradbury Building in Downtown LA, which would become its second DTLA location after the Arts District. Well fast forward a year and half later, and the popular third-wave coffee chain has finally opened at the corner of 3rd and Broadway signaling yet another strong sign that Broadway is actually, really turning a corner in its long-awaited revitalization.

Blue Bottle Coffee opened for business just before the new year on Dec 31, 2016. The SF-based coffee purveyor has revealed a beautiful cavernous space once hidden behind drab coverings, such as ugly dropped ceilings, when it was occupied by an aging Sprint cell phone store, which relocated down the street to The Broadway Lofts if you’re looking for Sprint.

The new space is minimalistic with a modern industrial chic quality — there’s also an eye-catching grand bookcase, a collaboration with the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, set against the back wall, for instance — that really complements the inherent beauty of the Bradbury Building built in 1893. Along with classical white columns reminiscent of Soho, New York, walls with exposed brick and original wooden door and window frames have been restored and now proudly add such beautiful character to the cafe atmosphere.

Located almost directly across the street from the Grand Central Market, the new Blue Bottle Coffee will create a strong synergy with the historic food hall, giving people another destination along Broadway to frequent. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Blue Bottle is located inside truly one of the most cherished architectural gems in all of Los Angeles.

Blue Bottle Coffee is open seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. As Broadway continues to revitalize, perhaps those business hours will expand as well.

Blue Bottle Coffee has opened inside the Bradbury Building in Downtown LA

Enter Blue Bottle at Bradbury Building located at 3rd and Broadway

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A grand bookcase set against the back wall welcomes customers to grab a book to read

Exposed brick walls and a restored original door frame add character to Blue Bottle’s cafe design

“Welcome to our Bradbury cafe.”

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  1. South Park Resident says

    Wowo! It totally fits the Bradbury Building! I have always hoped that nicer shops opened at the BB. Now we need to fill in the rest of those empty spaces and can someone get rid of that Subway too? A building that beautiful should have better businesses imo.

  2. jerryk says

    I went into the Bradbury for the first time for a school project over a decade ago. It was the most amazing interior design I had ever seen before in my life. It is ranks up there with some of the best architectural masterpieces of all time for me. I’m real glad to see the “bringing back Broadway” effort reach so far north (seems like everything good is around the Ace Hotel). Here’s hoping the success continues!

  3. Awesome, perfect fit for the Bradbury Building. I was hoping to see an interior more like their buildout at the SF Mint, but this is good too. Looking forward to visiting in person.

  4. KenP says

    Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait to check it out…

  5. Loving Hut says

    I hope they open a nice Muji store next to Blue Bottle! I don’t know why, but something about the Bradbury makes me think of Muji lol :-D

  6. I went into the Bradbury last year and it was far as before many things were changed but still it is a good place to go.

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