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Chick-Fil-A to Open First Downtown LA Location on 7th Street

Ranked America's most popular fast food chain, Chick-Fil-A, will be opening at the Figueroa Tower at 7th and Figueroa

DTLA is about to “eat mor chikin.” America’s most lucrative fast food restaurant chain is finally coming to Downtown LA opening in the heart of the Financial District. According to Business Insider, Chick-Fil-A generates the highest revenue per restaurant over any other fast food chain in the country. It’s also apparently the most popular fast food chain in the country, even surprisingly, besting the venerated In-N-Out Burger in recent customer survey rankings.

Atlanta-based Chick-Fil-A has signed a lease near the corner of 7th and Figueroa on the ground floor of the Figueroa Tower, which is a 24-story office high-rise built in 1988 designed to look “more historic” blending into the rest of 7th Street. The eatery — famous for their simple menu of chicken sandwiches and for closing all their restaurants every Sunday — will take over a vacant space once occupied by an HSBC Bank branch. The defining feature of the space will definitely be the ultra-high ceilings and huge windows that face 7th Street.

Around the corner from Chick-Fil-A in the same building, Figueroa Tower, a new Panera Bread is slowly, slowly making its way through the design approval process as it is still not open to this day. Back in August 2015, we reported that Panera Bread had signed a lease and would open by late 2015. However, because the space is located above a Metro subway station, Panera Bread has faced approval challenges with Metro regarding the store’s basement, which would apparently be needed for part of their kitchen and baking equipment. I was told by building management that eventually Metro and Panera Bread will come to an agreement — hopefully sooner rather than later!

The arrival of Chick-Fil-A in Downtown LA will be a great boon for both office workers and downtown residents alike. It will provide yet another tasty fast casual option to a growing list of affordable eateries opening in downtown. In my “perfect downtown,” it would have a great mix of fine dining and fast casual, indies and chains, appealing to a broad range of tastes and preferences for everyone in the mood for something different on any given day. People who love Bestia may very likely shop at Target and want to grab a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. I believe a great city center should have generally a lot of everything — a balance of high and low and everything in between.

Unless Chick-Fil-A faces the same issues with Metro as Panera Bread next door, which hopefully won’t happen, expect it to open later in 2017.

Chick-Fil-A will be opening its first DTLA location on the ground floor of the 24-story Figueroa Tower in 2017

Chick-Fil-A is taking over the former HSBC Bank on 7th Street located next to the beautiful Fine Arts Building

A look inside the space, with ultra-high ceilings, that Chick-Fil-A will be taking over soon

The new Chick-Fil-A will be located above the busy 7th/Metro Center subway station

A new “Notice of Non-Responsibility” on the window signals that Chick-Fil-A intends to begin construction on the space

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  1. Boris says

    Good news except for the fact that the owner of the company is an anti-gay bigot.

      • bbold2 says

        Good Tiffany and Boris. Please do not eat there. I don’t want you stinking idiots to stink up the place anyway.

  2. Brigham – please don’t get this organization press. They are extream in thier anti LGBTQ views. Very sad that they would even come to DTLA considering the community / residents are so open and accepting.

    • wildstar says

      Seriously, I wish we get a Veggie Grill or Native Foods.

      • corner soul says

        Indeed… lots of vegans on this side of town, Native Foods would do well I think.

  3. David says

    Have to admit for fast food, it’s pretty good. But their CEO’s stance on gay rights is deal breaker. For those who do not believe in discrimination and homophobia, this is not a win for DTLA.

  4. South Park Resident says

    I think Chick-Fil-A will be a great addition to Downtown! I remember when Target was “anti-gay” as well and people were boycotting them. But they changed their tune and now everyone is okay with them again. I think that’ll happen to Chick-Fil-A as well. Eventually they’ll come around and then people will be glad they decided to open here!

    • Kai Cross says

      Target was never overtly anti-gay. They had contributed to Republican candidates that were good for their business, but later realized they were anti-gay. The founders of Chick-fil-A are specifically against gay rights.

    • Kai Cross says

      Gee, mediocre food and anti-gay founders. Juuuuuust what we need in downtown. C’mon, Brigham, you usually do better research than this.

      • bbold2 says


        For gosh sakes. What a stupid comment. It’s news about a restaurant opening in downtown. Grow up. i don’t care about your stupid politics. I just want more restaurants in DTLA

  5. I love their spicy chicken sandwich! I’ll be eating there for lunch for sure once they open!

  6. Great news! Great chicken sandwiches! As a reminder this article is about FOOD AND UPCOMING INFRASTRUCTURE in DTLA it is not about beliefs and swxual preferences…. we cannot go around calling people names… we then become guilty of exactly what we tell children not to do :(

    • Christopher says

      Sorry Liz, if you have strong personal beliefs they should override a “great chicken sandwich.” Years ago, single woman weren’t welcome in many restaurants and bars. Progressive women’s rights organizations changed such unfair traditions, even if they had to miss out on their favorite food or drink. You have to protest when and where you can. The owner of this chain is the one who has made his bigotry common knowledge. He threw down the gauntlet, so he now has to deal with consequences.

    • Gene Howell says

      If they were anti woman’s rights you would be singing a different tune. How would you feel if you weren’t welcome to go in without the company of a man because that was their religious beliefs?

      You see… Ill stand up for your HUMAN rights as long as you do the same for me.

  7. Mike says

    I don’t think this is something to celebrate. Will NEVER support a known LGBTQ bigot.

  8. Norm Deplum says

    LGBT folks can be some of the most cantankerous, censorious, religious-freedom denying, anti-Christian bigots there are. Of course, these same do not see them boycotting Saudi, Emirates or other Islamic based commercial entities as anti-homosexual laws are a matter of course for them. I am a right leaning religious conservative, I enjoy ice cream. I eat Ben and Jerry’s, even though I disagree vehemently with just about every political stance they have. Time to get over yourselves…

    • I Like Buildings says

      What are these “Saudi, Emirates or other Islamic based commercial entities” that you speak of? Please correct me but I don’t think there are any Saudi, Emirates or other Islamic based commercial entities selling anything in Los Angeles – at least to the masses. Unless, it’s gasoline and even then most gasoline sold in the United States is not from the Middle East.

      So who exactly do you want to see LGBTs boycotting as well so they can also get you to support their boycott of Chick-Fil-A?

      • Mike Chen says

        I’m not saying people shouldn’t boycott CFA if they want to. That’s their right to do so. But every company and organization has “dirt” on them in some way or form. There is a point to be made that almost any company could have a reason to be boycotted from a social, environmental, etc perspective don’t you think?

        • Norm Deplum says

          Yes Mike. It is ultimately an individuals prerogative of course. But the de riguer boycotting of all that those who disagree with us is tiresome and negative.

      • Norm Deplum says

        No, there are not any Saudi shawarma or falafel joints in LA. Saudi influence outside of petrochemical industry is limited to investment (Lyft, Twitter and and 4 Seasons, to name a few) and purchasing debt (T Bills). Although for the UAE, the government owned airline is now a proud sponsor of the Dodgers.

        The point is there are egregious violators of rights in the realm of political, freedom, press, religious, women’s, civil liberties, etc. that one could go after rather than chicken sandwich place that dared contribute to a political cause that Californians actually passed (prop. 8).

        I suggest LGBT do their homework and pick their battles.

    • NoahDrake says

      “I eat Ben and Jerry’s, even though I disagree vehemently with just about every political stance they have.”

      That’s because you have no integrity. ;-)

      • Norm Deplum says

        Richard Wagner’s music is appreciated by many in Israel and by many Jews around the world. A vile anti-Semite but someone who has had a profound impact on classical music and composed some of the greatest. I suppose that’s because they all have no integrity, not because they can appreciate something produced.

        • Actually, Norm, most of my Jewish friends won’t listen to Wagner’s music. Aso far as Israel is concerned, NONE of Wagner’s operas have been staged there. You’ll need to find a better argument to excuse bigotry.

          • Lace says


            This is a touchy subject but anyone with a deep appreciation for music cannot deny the greatness of Wagner. Norm said many and made no reference to opera performances. Siegfried Idyll was performed live and conducted by a holocaust survivor in 2000 in Israel and Wagner is played on the national classical music radio station today.

            The term bigot is thrown around too casually. I suppose I, the majority of the country, a disproportionate amount of minorites, our parents, grandparents, and every established culture the world over are all bigots for not agreeing to a very recent redefinition of marriage?


          • bbold2 says

            KC…so technically your Jewish friends are bigots too.

    • Boris says

      Really, Norm? Then how does that explain the overt boycotts that the religious right has initiated against McDonalds, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Wal-Mart, Miller, Showtime, Comedy Central, CBS, PetSmart, Pepsi, Oreos, and Netflix? Also, alt right supporters boycotted the new Star Wars movie.

      Chuck Colson (far right activist) warns Americans that gay-rights supporters are on their way to destroying democracy.

      Time to get over yourself, Human rights are not negotiable.

      • Norm Deplum says


        You miss the point, I am against boycotts in general. And as for overt? I am aware of only a few and those you listed and have nothing to do with religion but with comments against Donald Trump. I am not going to make any further case except, to point out the irony of what you posted regarding religious right boycotts. You very well may be absolutely accurate but, just about all of the companies you stated have boycotts against them or, have boycott calls against them from left-leaning groups such as, PETA, fair-wage advocates, women’s equal pay groups, BDS movement (anti-Israel), Captive Animals Protection Society, etc. which illustrates the ineffectiveness of the vast majority of boycotting.

        And if human rights are not negotiable, do a little research on the production of your smartphone. RIght, back to your safe place.

        • Boris says

          Hey Norm, you are the one that said that “LGBT folks can be some of the most cantankerous, censorious, religious-freedom denying, anti-Christian bigots there are.”

          Who’s the one who needs the safe place, you little snowflake? Civil rights are non negotiable, as is freedom of religion and conscience. You seem to misunderstand what that means.

          The US Constitution protects religious freedom and nothing that gay rights supporters do contradicts that. To argue otherwise is not only false, it legitimizes attempts to deliberately restrict the rights and freedoms of LGBT people to live their lives as they see fit.

          • Norm Deplum says

            The SJW throws out a Breitbart insult; a bit like the pot calling the kettle.
            Your stress toys and coloring books will be getting a workout today.

            • Boris says

              Dear Norm

              Safe space, snowflake, SJW. All terms of the alt right, or as they are better known, Nazis. Poisoning the well is their modus operandi.

              You don’t fool anyone.

              • Norm Deplum says


                Calm down and rest assured I am not an alt right or nazi. I am simply someone who doesn’t agree with you. Believe it or not, you may encounter people who do not share the same beliefs as you in life. It is a difficult pill I imagine but alas, inevitable. Be not quick in your spirit to become angry, for anger lodges in the bosom of fools. Peace.

                • Boris says

                  Christians have been murdering gay people for centuries. Gay people do not murder Christians.

                  Your statements have nothing to do with encountering opposing opinions, don’t be a condescending asshole.

                  I know when I meet people who disagree with me, and I can tell the difference between them and people who parrot ideas that support political ideologies that murder those who disagree.

                  • Norm Deplum says


                    You were on the ropes and should have went down admirably. But, in one last gasp of desperation, your expose yourself as a vulgar, fallacious and intolerant person. The greatest recent historical threats to homosexuals were Stalin, Hitler and Mao, all atheists. Recently, Castro (atheist) and fundamentalist Islam (not Christian). You are a very pathetic individual and I do not mean that in the pejorative sense. I truly pity you.

                    • bbold2 says

                      I think Boris is a communist who is partial to Stalin, Mao and Lenin.

  9. Manny Gutierrez says

    I’m sure this would be one of Donald Rump’s first choices !

    Birds of a feather ……………

  10. Truth be told if we had “strong” personal beliefs we wouldn’t eat anywhere business owners can be real scum to ALL employees. I believe in sitting down and having a cup of tea with a person and getting to know them before I ever consider labelling them horrid names. .. ALSO I would much rather eat some place where people are nice to one another and greet me with a smile perhaps maybe because they get Sundays off to relax with their family than be slumped over the fryer at some sweat shop 365/24/7 hole …..BTW there is a lgbt High Schooler that works at a cfa in my old neighborhood and he was getting cfa scholarship money and super pumped about it! ;) #lovelovelove

    • Lace says


      Great point. Does every purchase have to be a moral dilemma. Can’t we just go out and get a burger with great customer service and eat in peace?


  11. Rick wagner says

    Be reminded that just 8 years ago Obama & Clinton were fighting gay marriage. & by the way, these restaurants are individually operated stores. It’s a piece of chicken. Enough already.

    • David says

      Yes, a few years ago they did not support gay marriage. That is true. They have both stated that their views changed as they listened to gay friends and to their own children. And their views evolved. Sometimes public opinion moves faster than government. Boycotting is a way of making your voice and beliefs heard. And SOMETIMES, when that voice IS heard, progress is made.

  12. Allen Kirkland says

    I think it’s a very good addition to DTLA regardless of who or what the CEO is or believes in. I think most gay people would be surprised where some of their money gets spent. I bet there are anti gay business owners who actually cater to gays. It’s sad that we as humans actually have to even talk about this.

  13. Brian Hwang says

    Great article Brigham! It is exciting news that Chick-Fil-A is opening in DTLA. I do think that the significant LGBTQ issues that embroil the company must be mentioned and addressed as they are clearly important to many in our community.

  14. Rick wagner says

    Best restaurant to open downtown yet! Hoping we get more than one. They make one mighty tasty chicken biscuit, extra honey of course. Can’t wait for opening day!!!!!

  15. Andrew W. says

    For those of you facing a moral dilemma, just head on over to Howlin’ Rays in Chinatown…I promise the chicken sandwich is gazillion times better (that’s if you can get in line early enough!) ;-)

  16. Linkin says

    Chick-Fil-A might be moving in but it seems like McDonald’s and all the other major hamburger joints are fleeing downtown. I wonder why when some of the locations were very busy. I don’t know how long Chick would last in this market.

  17. Glen says

    I have a question. Yes, the owner/CEO of Chick-Fil-A PERSONALLY don’t believe that homosexuals should be allowed to get married, but they don’t bar the LGBTQIAPK community from their food and their great service. In fact, once you enter the restaurant, everyone is served exactly the same.

    Isn’t that the most important aspect of living in a country that allows such views?

    By the way, are there any updates on an opening date?

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