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New Retail Kiosks Added to Union Station in Downtown LA

New retail kiosks added early Feb create more dynamic experience for visitors to Union Station

If you’ve ever been to Grand Central Terminal in NYC or Union Station in Washington DC, you’ll see that they’re not just homogeneous train stations but a dynamic destination filled with a wide range of shops and restaurants that attract both locals and tourists. (Have you experienced the beautiful Apple flagship store inside Grand Central Terminal before?) In fact, both stations are considered top tourist destinations in their respective cities. Over here in LA, it’s good to see that we’re finally starting to add businesses into our beautiful Union Station, which has been improving and becoming better and better almost every year.

Earlier this month on Feb 7, four new retail kiosks were added to Union Station’s architecturally stunning grand waiting room. The four new kiosks replaced a newsstand adjacent to the also-new Cafe Crepe, which just opened late last year in October. These new businesses feature local LA vendors and artisans selling a variety of items including hats, wallets, cell phone cases, jewelry, and snacks.

What I really appreciate is the attention to detail Metro is putting into the new upgrades at Union Station, which lets people know Los Angeles is becoming a proud city once again. Instead of going with any ordinary looking kiosk, Metro had them specifically designed to complement the Art Deco-Mission Revival style of Union Station. Each 28 square foot kiosk is made of premium grade walnut with Grigio soapstone trim and harvest gold finish.

The current vendors include:

  1. Artsy & Co – Selling contemporary jewelry for women
  2. Chico Hats – Fashionable hats for men and women
  3. Dardimans California – Dehydrated fruit from California
  4. United Streets of Art – Iconic and urban artwork on leather and cellular goods

Each kiosk is on a 3-month lease, so if you’re interested in selling your wares at Union Station in the future, contact Deborah Kravitz.

Each kiosk was specifically designed to complement the beautiful art deco Union Station

Guess what wallet I have from United Streets of Art? :)

Cafe Crepe, which opened in Oct 2016, is adjacent to the four new kiosks

Union Station in Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful train stations in America

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  1. Andrew W. says

    Nice! Union Station really is getting better…but that wallet you got, needs an updated version with the Wilshire Grand Tower, Brigham! ;-)

  2. Belial Issimo says

    Yuck. It is not an improvement to turn the grand waiting room of Union Station into the second-floor corridor of the Glendale Galleria, with little pushcarts selling cell phone cases, even if the pushcarts are made of burled walnut with imported Italian soapstone blah blah blah.

    • Aesthetically, they clutter the space. Good business, but you have a gorgeous art deco architectural interior and the sight lines are interrupted by these tall booths arbitrarily placed in the middle of the space at angles that don’t relate to the environment at all. Fortunately it looks like they are only at one end, but the purpose of the design of the main grand hall is you arrive in a cramped train and then spill out into a fantastic gorgeous uplifting room. Now you just get bombarded by retail. The nice thing is, it’s not permanent.

    • corner soul says

      You honestly think there weren’t shoeshiners and newspaper stands back in the day?

      It’s a train station, not a museum. Heaven forbid Metro try to turn a profit, instead of hitting up the taxpayers every 4 years like an ATM machine.

    • Allen Kirkland says

      I agree with you. We at least should try beating out NY or San Francisco

  3. Chris De Pretis says

    Beautiful photos Brigham — Union Station is a gem.

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