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OMG: Apple Store “Done Deal” for Tower Theatre in Downtown LA

According to sources I've spoken to, Apple has signed a lease to open inside the historic Tower Theatre in Downtown LA

This could be the most exciting announcement for retail news in Downtown LA this year (and we’ve had a lot of heavy hitters including Nordstrom Rack and 3.1 Phillip Lim). It really looks like DTLA will finally get what its been clamoring for. According to a few reliable sources I’ve spoken to, the world’s most popular tech brand, Apple, has officially signed a lease to take over the historic Tower Theatre at 8th and Broadway in the Historic Core.

It’s been almost two years since DTLA Rising first reported the rumor that the Tower Theatre would become Apple’s new Los Angeles flagship store. Since then, a report from the LA Business Journal confirmed our rumor that Apple was, indeed, in talks with the Tower Theatre’s owner, the Delijanis.

However, another year and a half had gone by without any further updates regarding Apple going into the Tower, which led many to believe the deal either fell apart or that Apple would likely open somewhere else in downtown, if at all. (Another location they apparently checked out was The Bloc over in the Financial District.)

Now, according to a few sources who wish to remain anonymous, Apple going into the Tower is a “done deal.” With a signed lease in place, more specific details may be revealed “soon” regarding how Apple plans to incorporate its new store design into the existing Tower Theatre, which includes 7,500 square feet of ground floor theater space with another 7,500 square feet of basement space. Still unclear is how much of that will become actual sales floor space.

Built in 1927, the ornate Tower Theatre designed by S. Charles Lee was the first movie palace in Downtown LA to be wired for sound films. Given the amazing architecture of the historic structure, this will become one of the most unique Apple Stores in the world, which will become a huge draw for both Angelenos and tourists alike (and that’s great news for the future of Broadway retail). Apple will become the third retailer in DTLA to reuse a historic theater as a retail space, joining Urban Outfitters taking over the Rialto Theatre next door and H&M’s upscale COS taking over the Olympic Theatre just down the street.

Take a tour inside the Tower Theatre, click here.

Apple is planning to open one of its most unique flagship stores here in Downtown LA’s Tower Theatre

The ornate architectural details of the Tower Theatre will make this one of the most unique Apple stores in the world

A new DTLA Apple Store will be a huge draw for both Angelenos and tourists alike, which is another critical step for the future of Broadway retail

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  1. Jerry says

    If they retain the original features and with very little signage as with their store on Regent Street in London, it could be very impressive although a pity it’s not reverted to its original use

  2. Great news for Broadway and downtown retail, Apple opening there could be the key that unlocks the floodgates of a Broadway retail revival.

    On the flip side, the Tower Theatre is a wholly inappropriate space for an Apple store. I find it very hard to envision how an Apple Store can coexist with that incredible historic theater space… will reserve judgement until renderings are released.

    • I share your concern. It is possible, if they hire a sensitive architect, to fit a retail space within a historic building. If the interior can be further restored, that would be a plus and it would be nice to design the interiors in such a way that the theater space could be eventually used as it was intended.

  3. corner soul says

    As much as I hate the term, this will definitely be a “game changer” for Broadway. Very cool!

  4. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, I saw many movies at the Tower. But my fondest memory occurred in 1979, when I was 8 years old. My mom was working security for the U.S. premier of “El Chanfle” a Mexican comedy film starting the entire cast of “Chespirito” (Mexican TV Show). My mom sat me in between the two main actors, who were married in real life and I just sat there eating popcorn throughout the entire movie. It was like if your mom asked Angelina Jolie to scoot over one sit so you could sit in between her and Brad Pitt… crazy right? That was my mom. She even took a picture of the event. To bad the Tower will not be restored back to its former glory. – Guillermo Quezada

  5. Aaron says

    Given that Apple has such involvement with music and movies, it would be great to see some sort of mixed use concept whereby they reserve space for small shows and things. It’d be a really unique experience.

  6. sebstian says

    Great news, but when are they going to fix the damn sidewalks.

  7. John Lee says

    Great news. Hope it is the tip of the iceberg for entire Broadway street revival, not only limited to between 8th and 9th.

  8. J.Petrosino says

    For starters lets put cap back on tower, and replace clock along with renovated faces old clock works are gone.

  9. I would like to see the existing blade sign removed and replaced with a recreation of the original blade sign, which fit like a glove into the facade and was more attractive.

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