Author: Benjamin Dunn

Transit riders line up before boarding subway train in Taipei. Can Los Angeles learn good transit etiquette from other transit-mature cities? (Photo: Brigham Yen)

Will LA’s Metro Riders Ever Learn Good Transit Etiquette?

The chances of getting a peaceful ride aboard Metro buses and trains are similar to that of winning the lottery. And on that rare occasion that you do get that enjoyable experience riding in a quiet car, do savor it as there’s bound to be someone at the next stop who’ll decide to ruin the ride for everyone else.

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As new developers enter Little Tokyo, will the new non-Asian businesses opening chip away at the Japanese flavor that makes Little Tokyo unique in Los Angeles? (Photo: Brigham Yen)

Can Little Tokyo Keep its Japanese Flavor in Downtown LA?

There’s no question that Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a massive revival right now. Dozens of cranes dot the skyline, streets are often closed for utility relocation and the constant drone of construction echoes between skyscrapers. It’s not uncommon to walk past through some historic buildings and suddenly find yourself at the feet of a brand new apartment tower, complete with its glass balconies, indoor fitness center, and even a Philz coffee shop. While the revitalization is definitely a boon for Downtown Los Angeles, some more established neighborhoods within downtown like Little Tokyo have begun to worry as familiar cityscapes transform at a rate never seen before.

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Many believe LA Metro's upholstered seats (pictured above) may be as dirty --- potentially filled with dangerous bacteria and viruses --- as BART's upholstered seats were before the Bay Area transit agency switched theirs out for vinyl coverings (Photo: Brigham Yen)

The Stinking Problem with LA Metro’s Seats

Los Angeles Metro. It stinks. Literally.

Step into a train or bus during rush hour and you’ll find yourself gasping for fresh air by the time you get to your destination. If you’re lucky enough to grab a seat, that comes with its own gross factor. Why? I’ve never really understood the concept of upholstered bus and subway seats. A public transportation system is supposed to get you from Point A to Point B quickly, safely and efficiently; comfort should only be considered as an added bonus, but cleanliness should never be left out of the equation.

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