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ULI FutureBuild Event Will Unveil Radical Reinventions of Downtown LA and Beyond

Watch a short video about ULI FutureBuild hosted in Downtown LA!

Mayor Eric Garcetti is among the leaders who will preview dramatic changes in urban living at FutureBuild 2014. On January 28 ULI Los Angeles presents this high-level, interactive event. Mayor Garcetti will give the keynote speech – a preview of a sustainably designed a future Los Angeles. (Could it be something like the transit-oriented Downtown depicted in Spike Jonze’s movie “Her?”) Other Downtown-focused topics will include: new bikeways; a preview of the new cubicle-free office represented by CBRE’s redesigned headquarters; parklets such as those popping up on Spring Street; expanded access to a restored L.A. River, and more.

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Lessons in Urbanism for Downtown LA from Chicago: Brigham Yen Joins LA Architect Thomas Cox’s ULI Panel

Downtown Chicago is bustling and filled with a variety of commercial activities and is a great model for Downtown LA to follow

Downtown Chicago is bustling and filled with a variety of commercial activities and is a great model for Downtown LA to follow

I spent last week in one of the country’s best downtowns — Chicago. I was invited by Downtown LA-based architect firm, TCA, to join the founder Thomas Cox on an Urban Land Institute (ULI) conference panel discussing Gen Y (a demographic group I belong to) and our shifting preference toward multifamily housing in urban centers away from the default auto-centric suburbia that the Baby Boomers — our parents — once salivated for. The panel discussion was held at the Langham Hotel in the heart of Downtown Chicago across from the brand new stunning Trump Int’l Hotel and Tower. Lodging nearby at TheWit (highly recommended), I was in the perfect central location to explore all the amazing urban attributes that Downtown Chicago has to offer.

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ULI Los Angeles: Transit Oriented LA (aka ToLA) Re-Envisions Transportation Design

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will join ULI Los Angeles, a District Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), for Transit Oriented L.A., a long-anticipated summit exploring how to dramatically improve transportation corridors. With interactive panel presentations from nationally recognized speakers, Transit Oriented L.A. – or ToLA– will expand the traditional emphasis on individual transit stations to a bold transformation of corridors to achieve a truly transit-oriented Los Angeles.

ToLA is Thursday, October 10, 2013, 7:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. at the Japanese American National Museum, 100 N Central Ave, Los Angeles, 90012.

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Grand Opening: Smart & Final Extra Market Returns to Downtown LA after 140 Years

Smart & Final Extra! has opened their first truly urban format market (out of 186 stores) in Downtown LA

Smart & Final Extra! has opened their first truly urban format market (out of 186 stores) in Downtown LA

It’s hard to believe that 6 years have flown by since Ralphs Fresh Fare opened at the Market Lofts in July 2007 becoming Downtown LA’s first mainstream supermarket serving our growing downtown population, which has exceeded 50,000 residents. Now just a couple of blocks down the street at Figueroa and 8th Pl, Smart & Final Extra will officially open its doors for business today, Thursday, July 18 at 7 am. DTLA Rising first reported that Smart & Final was coming to Downtown LA back in March 2012. The store opening comes shortly after another specialty market called Urban Radish just opened on July 4th in the Arts District. Two markets opening in the same month? Downtown LA really has turned the corner.

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New Sport Chalet Flagship Store Now Open at FIGat7th in Downtown LA

The new 27,000 square foot flagship Sport Chalet, designed by architect firm Gensler, is now open at FIGat7th in Downtown LA

The new 27,000 square foot flagship Sport Chalet, designed by global architect firm Gensler, is now open at FIGat7th in Downtown LA

It’s been roughly a year since Sport Chalet announced their newest flagship location would open at FIGat7th in Downtown LA. The new 27,000 square foot store (the same size as the forthcoming Zara flagship!), located on the lower level next to Gold’s Gym and underneath City Target, soft opened today adding to the growing list of exciting new retailers that are coming back to LA’s urban center.

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Ideas for Downtown LA: What We Can Learn from NYC with Road Diets, Ped Plazas, Etc

This snapshot I took in New York is the single most powerful visually compelling reason why a city should be more about pedestrians and less about cars

This snapshot I took in Chelsea of a typical scene in New York shows how wonderful a city can be when it is pedestrian oriented

Every time I visit New York, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Why? I’m an urbanist at heart and New York is brimming with urbanism. No, it’s exploding with urbanism! I love walking and being a pedestrian free to roam the city, and whenever I’m here in New York (usually for a week at a time), I feel liberated and empowered as I dart through the energetic streets, slide my MetroCard on my way down into the ubiquitous subway stations, and jaywalk whenever and wherever I please. The way New York and other East Coast cities are built, compact and mixed-use, encourage a thriving pedestrian culture. What are some key ideas that we can bring back from a city like New York that can continue to help Los Angeles (and specifically Downtown LA) develop that wonderful pedestrian urban lifestyle and lessen our dependence (read: handicap) on automobiles?

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Ideas for Downtown LA: Minor Tweaks to 110 Overpasses Will Encourage Pedestrian Activity

Some ideas on how to bolster pedestrian connections -- between City West and the rest of Downtown LA -- includes making the 110 overpasses safer and more attractive (mainly Wilshire Blvd and 7th Street)

Some ideas on how to bolster pedestrian connections — between City West and the rest of Downtown LA — include making the 110 overpasses safer and more attractive for pedestrians (mainly Wilshire Blvd and 7th Street)

As Downtown LA continues to evolve and mature into a multi-faceted urban center that’s not only a commercial hub but a bona fide residential community, it becomes even more important that we focus on creating an environment that is pedestrian friendly making it enjoyable and convenient for residents to live, work, and play in. That enhancement to the pedestrian realm — wider sidewalks, narrower streets, more bike lanes, etc. — in Downtown LA is needed to create the strong walkable connections that eventually spawns a walking culture.

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Ideas for Downtown LA: Using Grand Central Terminal NYC as a Model for LA Union Station

Post WWII, Grand Central Terminal faded away from the hearts and minds of New Yorkers and was almost demolished in the 60s, but today, the station is now relevant as one of New York's top destinations

Post WWII, Grand Central Terminal faded away from the hearts and minds of New Yorkers and was almost demolished in the 60s, but today, the station is now more relevant than ever as one of New York’s top destinations — a path LA Union Station will hopefully follow

I just got back to LA after spending a week in New York. Every time I visit America’s largest urban center, I am inspired by the incredible urbanism that defines the city. The infrastructure and built environment, mix of architecture, diversity of businesses, and strong pedestrian culture never ceases to amaze me. For us in LA, as we continue to press for change — improving our own urbanism in a city still dominated by a suburban, car-oriented mentality — it would behoove us to look at successful models and examples from other cities that could be applied to Downtown LA. One of those prime examples is Grand Central Terminal in Midtown at 42nd Street, which has experienced an amazing turnaround from irrelevancy and near demolition in the 1960s to one of the greatest rail stations in the world today.

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Peddler’s Creamery Coming Soon to Historic Core in Downtown LA

Coming soon: Peddler’s Creamery uses “man-powered” bicycle-churning to create their ice cream

After all the recent “liquor license” controversy surrounding the New Genesis Apartments and Great Balls on Tires (which I hope eventually gets approved), I am glad some good news comes today from LAist regarding the same building (a tip sent in by DTLA resident Torr Leonard). A new and novel kind of ice cream shop called Peddler’s Creamery is coming to the New Genesis Apartments at 458 S Main St.

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LA Law Library in Downtown LA, Largest Outside D.C., Receives Major Facelift

The new facade and exterior improvements to the LA Law Library have dramatically improved the pedestrian realm on this section of 1st Street in Downtown LA

Did you know that the second largest public law library outside of Washington, D.C. (second only to the Library of Congress) is right here in Downtown LA? Yes, the Los Angeles Law Library, located at 1st and Broadway in the Civic Center, has an impressive collection of nearly 1 million books and documents pertaining to everything you could possibly want to know about the legal universe (yes, there are even volumes on “United States Space Law”). Although the library may still only be relevant to a certain niche (i.e., government officials, those studying law or preparing for a trial case for instance), I find it wonderful that this tremendous resource is here in Downtown LA, contributing to the prestige and significance of our urban center.

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This Week at ULI’s 3rd Annual TOD Summit: LA’s Future May Include More TODs Less SFRs

A long awaited TOD called Blossom Plaza is slated for future development next to the Chinatown Gold Line station

As Los Angeles continues to expand its rail network, such as the recent opening of the long awaited Expo Line, we must look at the future of transit oriented developments (TOD) and how they will interact with our present and future rail stations. This Thursday, June 7, 2012 is the perfect opportunity to learn more about TODs in Los Angeles as Urban Land Institute’s 3rd Annual TOD Summit happens at USC.

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Repainting Downtown LA’s Spring Street Bike Lane Again: Third Time’s a Charm, Hopefully

Spring Street bike lane will be tested with 6 new types of paints this weekend to see which ones "stick the best" after two failed prior attempts

According to DLANC, on the morning of Feb 12, the LADOT will be out yet again to repaint portions of the Spring Street bike lane that were washed away almost immediately after they were painted the second time. This time, they plan to test out 6 different types of paint to see which one(s) stick the best. A follow-up analysis will take place afterward, choosing the best and most cost effective paint to go with. predicts Feb 12 will be warm and sunny.

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Update: Spring Street Green Bike Lane Repainted Successfully in Downtown LA

The Spring Street green bike lane was repainted successfully this past Sunday and is now consistently green throughout

I took this picture today of the newly repainted bike lane on Spring Street (just repainted yesterday on Sunday) to show what the majority of the new green bike lane looks like now: nice and consistently green throughout the entirety. There are a few small patches here and there where the green paint either came off or was not painted thoroughly, but very minor in my opinion. Overall, the bike lane now looks great and I saw many cyclists using it, which is just wonderful to see, especially here in Downtown LA. I would love to see a lot more of these throughout LA in the future.

LA Streetsblog 2011 Award: Blogger of the Year

LA Streetsblog is one of the foremost intellectual online daily news sources pertaining to urbanism and the promotion of livable communities by elevating the rights and status of pedestrians and cyclists in a car-dominated society, especially here in Los Angeles. A philosophy gaining widespread acceptance in our generation today and something I firmly believe in and support as well.

And that is why I am so honored and proud to be the LA Streetsblog 2011 Winner: Blogger of the Year! Thank you so much to the Board who recognized my work to bring more awareness to all those dreamers (like myself) who believe we can make a positive change here, albeit baby steps, in our car-crazy Los Angeles toward a more walkable, transit-oriented, and livable city not dominated by cars, but by people.

Spring Street Green Bike Lane Will Get Re-Painted this Sunday in Downtown LA

Due to smudging of the green paint on the bike lane down Spring Street, the lane will be repainted green this Sunday

It’s hard to believe but the image you see above (with the smudged and missing green paint) is a completely brand new bike lane on Spring Street that is a little more than a week old. The bike lane, which stretches from Cesar Chavez to the north to 9th Street to the south, was painted green over the weekend before Thanksgiving, but because of two reasons (explained below), the bike lane ended up a tattered version from something we all envisioned with much higher expectations. It really just broke my heart when I saw how destroyed the bike lane looked only after one day.

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