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Ideas for Downtown LA: What We Can Learn from NYC with Road Diets, Ped Plazas, Etc

This snapshot I took in New York is the single most powerful visually compelling reason why a city should be more about pedestrians and less about cars

This snapshot I took in Chelsea of a typical scene in New York shows how wonderful a city can be when it is pedestrian oriented

Every time I visit New York, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Why? I’m an urbanist at heart and New York is brimming with urbanism. No, it’s exploding with urbanism! I love walking and being a pedestrian free to roam the city, and whenever I’m here in New York (usually for a week at a time), I feel liberated and empowered as I dart through the energetic streets, slide my MetroCard on my way down into the ubiquitous subway stations, and jaywalk whenever and wherever I please. The way New York and other East Coast cities are built, compact and mixed-use, encourage a thriving pedestrian culture. What are some key ideas that we can bring back from a city like New York that can continue to help Los Angeles (and specifically Downtown LA) develop that wonderful pedestrian urban lifestyle and lessen our dependence (read: handicap) on automobiles?

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[Video] What Makes an Urban Park Successful (from New York to Los Angeles)?

How does Greeley Square, an urban park, function in Midtown Manhattan?

As Downtown LA continues to densify and revitalize, my recent trip this past week to New York offered some great insights into fundamental concepts pertaining to the way an urban park functions within the context of a dense urban environment. Those concepts could be used as a template and applied to a growing Downtown LA as we continue to mature into a livable urban center. Perhaps this video will shed some light on some current urban parks within Downtown LA, such as Maguire Gardens and Pershing Square, and why they are being used or not.

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