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Los Angeles Subway Station Portals Getting New Modern Canopies

When the new Civic Center park reopens this summer, we should have new subway portal canopies, giving our rail network a much stronger identity (Photo: Behance Network)

I always love to see investments in our public transit infrastructure here in Los Angeles. For a city known more for suburban sprawl and so embarrassingly tied to the automobile, it’s always nice to see improvements made to our growing rail network. Thanks to reader Steven Harris for sending in these renderings of modern portal canopies, taken from Behance Network, that will apparently be implemented at many of our subway station portals along the Red and Purple Lines.

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Ideas for Los Angeles: Upgrade Metro with Cleaner Plastic Seats and Easier-to-Read Countdown Timers

As Los Angeles continues to centralize into a more compact city (into Downtown LA and environs) and the metro system continues to attract a higher and higher ridership, we must continue to upgrade and modernize our system to make it as comfortable and clean as possible as other mature urban cities have done with their metro systems

A couple of weeks ago I attended the ARA (AIDS Research Alliance) fundraiser in Downtown LA hosted at Cicada Restaurant on the ground floor of the beautiful historic 1927 Oviatt Building. I met a gentleman from San Francisco named Steve Villano who flew down to LA just for this fundraiser.

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Reminder: All Day Los Angeles Metro Pass Now Only $5 (Rail + Bus)

(FYI: That's my ticket that I'm showing off!) The price for an All-Day Metro ticket, good on rail and bus operated by Metro, has been lowered to $5 effective Aug 1, 2011

A quick reminder again that our Los Angeles Metro all-day pass, which means you can ride all Metro operated rail and bus lines all day, has lowered its price from $6 to $5 effective August 1, 2011. This is a trial period to see if the new lower price will help generate higher ridership, so if possible, consider taking Metro instead of driving to help save you both money and the headache of driving and finding expensive parking.

What better news for a balmy Los Angeles Friday!

Wilshire Blvd Subway Approval a Boon to Pasadena

(Click image to enlarge) The Los Angeles Times front page today announcing the Wilshire Blvd subway official approval

Today is one of the greatest milestones in LA history. Future generations will look back decades from now and know that “2010” was the year LA chose to embrace urbanism over strict auto-dependency. Cities across the world are identified by their transit networks (New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, etc.) and Los Angeles is no exception as our “transit network” of clogged and ever-widening freeways and streets have earned us the reputation of shame amongst many who expect great transit service from a city as large and diverse as LA.

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