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Rush Snack Bar Now Open in 7th/Metro Subway Station in Downtown LA

Rush Snack Bar represents a new paradigm in LA where transit riders are seen as a viable demographic for a business to cater to, as opposed to a strict parking model

Rush Snack Bar opened yesterday on Monday during an interesting moment in LA’s transit history. During the past weekend, the climax of Carmageddon ended on Sunday as construction actually finished earlier than expected and drivers were given the false sense of security that the 405 was on the “track of progress.”

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LA Times Covers Rush Snack Bar in Downtown LA

The Los Angeles Times decided to cover all the commotion in the urban/transit community in LA regarding Andrew Cohen’s Rush Snack Bar (convenience store) opening up inside the 7th/Metro subway station in Downtown LA. The article references this blog as the source of the commotion and I would like to elaborate again on WHY I decided to make a big deal about a simple convenience store opening. (This is also mainly a response to some negative comments posted on the LA Times article.)

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Rush Snack Bar Coming to 7th/Metro Subway Station in Downtown LA

Rush Snack Bar coming summer 2011 to 7th/Metro subway station in Downtown LA (Photo: Andrew Cohen)

There is, to the best of my knowledge, only one retail space that is actually inside a subway station in the LA metro system. This unique retail space sits underground by the Hope Street entrance of the busy 7th/Metro subway stop (servicing the Red, Purple, Blue, and future Expo lines).

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