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More Frequent Train Service Coming to Los Angeles in 2011

More frequent train service (every 10 min after 6pm to midnight) is coming to Los Angeles as soon as this weekend

This is the kind of news that always makes me happy and optimistic about where LA is headed for in the future as we continue to improve rail service and wean ourselves off from our embarrassing “car addiction.” According to the LA MTA (Metro) official blog, The Source, more frequent train service will begin¬†this weekend starting November 13, 2011. Yes, I’ll repeat. Starting this weekend, train service on Metro’s busiest lines (the Red, Purple, and Blue lines) will have 10 minute (instead of 20 min) headways between 6pm to midnight. That means less time waiting for the next train, which will make the metro system service more attractive, hopefully gaining higher ridership as a result. If it’s a success, then Metro may eventually apply the same frequency to the other lines (including the Gold Line and future Expo Line from Downtown LA to Culver City opening early next year). LA takes another step toward urban maturity.